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3b18336df929d24470c2127142bbbecabdee4649-thumbThis week’s find: “Backpacker Europe” by Daniel Hardie

About the book: Join the buzz of Backpacker Europe and discover the world, explore new cultures and experience the love, fun and excitement that Europe has to offer. Backpacking Europe is a big decision and no doubt your head is swirling with a million and one questions; “Have I got all the information I need? What do I actually need? How do I find work overseas? Do I need a visa? How much is this all going to cost? Where am I going to stay?” and the list goes on and on. I asked the exact same questions myself so now I’m here to help you with this.

Backpacker Europe – The essential guide for all backpackers.

Designed to give you all the answers in an easy to read format, guaranteed to save you the time and hassle researching endlessly on the internet. In this proven guide you will learn the secrets of a former travel agent and experienced backpacker including:

How to save money on airfare

Where to stay

Finding work overseas

Europe visa information

Backpacker travel insurance 

Intra-Europe travel

Backpacker safety and health 

Plus the bonus Destination Guides and a whole lot more.

Grab Backpacker Europe for all your detailed information and more so that you too can experience this life-changing adventure.

About the author: Daniel Hardie: As a former travel agent and seasoned traveller, I have a strong passion for travel & adventure. I share this passion with the world by writing eBooks and newsletters with the aim of inspiring and motivating people to get outdoors & start living an adventure lifestyle.

So if you’re looking to find some fun & exciting things to do, whether that’s travel, extreme sports, sight seeing or more then you have come to the right place.

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Why Sailing – Adventure on the High Seas by Daniel Hardie. $3.99 from
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This book proves that “Spiritual warfare” is a false doctrine. The necessary Scriptures that support this statement are discussed in detail. People are actually oppressed just because they believe in this doctrine. This book will challenge your beliefs on this subject and it will set you free.

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Understanding the prophetic times we live inunderstanding_the_prophetic_times_we_live_in

During the morning hours of Tuesday, June 2, 2015, the Lord Jesus Christ instructed me to write this report. He called it a “report” because He wanted me to write it as a “report of imminent events” to those who wish to understand the prophetic times we live in. The aim of this report is to bring clarity and to counter confusion in the lives of many Christians regarding the end-times, especially regarding the prophetic time we live in at this moment. The Lord’s aim with this report is clear: Clarity will equip and enable God’s children to follow His vision for and in this time period we are living in now. It will enable them to report for duty. It will enable them to become mighty instruments in God’s hand. End-time ministry does not only mean that God is at work. It also means that we have some part to play in order to enable God to carry out His plans. This report will enable God’s children to stand up and be counted”.

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