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God inspired dreams can often be really funny and strange. This is because the focus should be on the symbols and the meanings of the symbols and not so much on what happens in dreams. As soon as you mastered "Dream Symbols Analysis" correctly you're good to go.


Just like in the old days God still keeps us safe by giving us warnings in dreams and reminding us to be cautious, just like He did with Joseph and Mary and the wise men who met with Herod. He does that because He wants us to live in peace. He wants to be involved.

A few thousand people already signed up for the FREE ASR Martins Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course. Yes, it is really FREE. You do have free access to THE ONLINE DICTIONARY, FREE ACCESS TO THE COURSE GUIDE, FREE ACCESS TO ALL TUTORIALS.


You will be able to understand dreams and visions correctly. You will be able to communicate with God more effectively. You will be able to interpret dreams for family and friends.

Register and receive a weekly PRACTICAL DREAM ANALYSIS report as part of our “Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course” program. These analysis reports makes up the practical side of the course and it will surely help and guide you to interpret dreams and visions correctly.


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