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Account Arrangements For New Purchases

All Book Owners,

Please take note that the “Accounts” facility is currently on pause due to technical difficulties with the WooCommerce Software. If you want to download one of your books, please request for a download link through the official “Contact Form” on the More Info page.

I want to make use of this opportunity to do two things; to thank you for your support, and to make a few arrangements that will make your interaction with this website and with your account a lot more pleasant.

First, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. It is people like you that make my ministry possible.

Dictionary owners, by purchasing the Dreams Dictionary, you gained the following:

  • You have access to about twice as many dreams and visions symbols as online visitors.
  • You have access to the Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course Manual which is exclusively available to dictionary owners as a free add-on.
  • You have access to real-life dreams and visions which explain symbols more comprehensively.
  • If you registered for the free Dreams Interpretation Course, you have all the study material that you need. To effectively complete the Dreams Interpretation Course, you really do need the paid version of the dictionary and you do need the Dreams Interpretation Course Manual. Without these resources you will be limited.
  • By purchasing the dictionary, you support my ministry which would not have been possible if you didn’t. The selling of books is my only source of income and any writer will confirm that it is not easy to make a living from the sales of books.
  • By rating my books, you enable me to improve the quality and the standard of the books and, by doing so, you help other people to make their purchasing experience a lot easier.

Importance of registering an account

In the past I allowed clients to buy books without logging in. At that time I did not know that by doing so, their purchases were not registered in their accounts.

This is not the end of the world but it does complicate matters a bit in terms of them managing their accounts, purchases, and their download links.

All my books, and especially the Dreams dictionary are updated frequently and people need to have access to their accounts and download links on a regular basis to download new editions and new updates. If clients fail to keep their download links stored somewhere on their computers or email server, they cannot download new editions or new updates in the future. In such cases, they need to request freshly generated download links from me and that is a bit of a cumbersome task.

How do you know whether your books are registered in your account or not? When you log into your account and you see a list of the downloads links in the “Downloads” section of your account, then you have no problem. Your books are registered and you may ignore the rest of the steps on this page. 

The easiest way to solve this problem is for people to follow the next steps:

(Please take note that clients do not have to do this, if you are keeping your download links safely stored somewhere on your computer or email server, you will be alright)

  • If you do not have an account yet, register a new account on this page: My Account
  • Take note that your login details need to be kept at a safe place.
  • Now, log into your account. You need to log into your account to ensure that your purchases are registered in your account every time that you purchase a new book.
  • Purchase all the books that you already purchased on the same online shop that you previously did, with the same email address and the same name and surname. Use the South African “Shop” if you previously bought the books in ZAR, and the USA “Shop” if you previously bought the books in US dollars.
  • Go through all the steps and purchase the relevant books but, before you follow the last step by instructing PayPal or the relevant payment gateway to pay for the book, just close all the pages.
  • The transaction will not go through and it will be kept in the “pending” folder on the system.
  • Send me an email to inform me that you made the purchase to register your old books in your account.
  • From here, I will take over to complete the remaining steps. I will check and compare the transactions. I will delete the old unregistered purchases. I will release the new purchases as being “paid” and “completed”. You will receive new download links but, more importantly, your purchases will be registered in your account and your download links and all other information and privileges will always be available to you. When you log into your account you will be able to manage your account and purchases. Please read the information on this page for more information on how to manage your account: Why/How To Use My Account?

After we followed these steps, the previous book ratings and comments will be gone and lost because of the old transactions being deleted.

It is for this reason that I earnestly request you to rate my books again when you receive the official rating request by means of an email. This will happen about a week after the purchase. You will be requested to give the book a star rating and to comment on it. Please take note that I really do need these ratings and comments and I am forever grateful for that.

Thanks again for purchasing my books and thank you for assisting me in this regard.

Blessings in Christ

ASR Martins

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