Audio and Written Versions: Victorious Living In Christ Session 6

Victorious Living In Christ Session 6

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Session 5

My name is Basie Martins. I trust that you are all well and I want to thank you again for listening to this program. For you who do not know, the topic of this series is, “How to Live Successfully and Victoriously in Christ”. It is all about us, the body of Christ, and us the church and us as individuals in the kingdom of God, being successful in all areas of life. It is about us claiming our full inheritance. It is about us putting in place on earth, which is already in heaven.

In the previous session, we discussed the responsibility and the accountability of every human being to save their souls, referring to our part in making sure our souls are obedient to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. We have seen that by pursuing holiness we prevent sicknesses and diseases and other calamities in our lives. We have seen that reckless souls cause these bad and evil things in their lives and they even cause God to chastise them when they walk after the flesh continuously. We have seen that God is a wonderful God but also a strict and just God. He chastises us to make sure we do not go astray. He wants us to repent of our sins and He wants us to walk after the Spirit.

We have seen that only God is the legitimate ruler of his kingdom and the only legitimate ruler of the universe. For this reason, He is the only person who can legally punish people. It is for this reason that hell and sicknesses and diseases and calamities were created by him and belong to him. These are tools that He uses to punish people. It does not come from satan and it does not belong to satan. He cannot use these tools. If satan wants to hurt a specific person, he entices such a person to sin which causes these things to automatically become part of his or her life.

If we refuse to get involved in sin and if we refuse to fall for the lies and temptations of satan, he can do absolutely nothing to us. He is kept at bay behind an impenetrable hedge from where he can only shout accusations and from where he lies to us, deceives us and tempts us. This is all he can do. He has absolutely no power or authority or foothold over us. It is when we fall for the lies and the temptations that he attempts to guide us and lead us to destruction.

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In today’s session, we will be discussing the practical aspects of restoration. How do we restore our bodies? What do I need to do to receive my healing? How long does it take to receive my healing and to restore all areas of my life? Can I do certain things to speed up my restoration? Can I do things that delay or prolong my restoration or even prevent my restoration?

My experience is that you can receive your healing quite fast or even instantly if you can find a person with the necessary faith to lay hands on you. People like this have either walked the road of faith meaning that they walked the same path that you are now embarking on, and they succeeded. They went through the whole process and they restored themselves. They learned to be obedient and they learned to build up their most holy faith in Christ.

They started to be a blessing to other people also and they function and operate in the power and the authority of God. On the other hand, you may find a person who operates in the gift of the Spirit. The gift of faith is working through them and they have great success in healing people. Just be careful when it comes to teachings and doctrines when you deal with these people. Many of these people started to teach on the subject of healing and other subjects, seeing that the gift of healing and the gift of faith is manifesting in their lives, but this is usually a disaster. Most of the time their teachings are not authentic. It is better to allow them to pray for you and them laying hands on you but do not listen to a word they are saying when it comes to teachings and doctrines in this regard.

Remember, never assume that when a person is anointed or when the gifts of the Spirit are functioning and manifesting in their lives that he or she teaches sound doctrines. That will be a grave mistake. But, there is no harm in allowing them to pray for you. That is what they were called to do and that is what they were anointed to do. They will get you healed and that is the important thing. Do not be discouraged when you are not healed immediately by such people. You just allow them to pray for you as many times as possible and remember, it is their faith that gets you healed, not yours.

You just receive your healing without trying to generate this miracle-working faith to help them to get you healed. That is not necessary and not recommended. You can be so busy with this that you fail to be a willing vessel just waiting and allowing the Spirit of God to complete the work of restoration in you. Your healing does not depend on you or your faith. These men of God will get you healed because of their faith or because of the gift of the Spirit flowing through them. You just ask and allow these people to pray for you until you are healed.

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I just want to emphasize here that you never have to be afraid to allow people to lay hands on you. There is no such thing as the transference of spirits. It is a lie from hell. When a person lays his hands on you to heal you, you will be healed or you will be in the process of receiving your healing. That is what you permit. You will not be harmed in any way.

Nobody has ever been possessed as a result of innocent acts. Nobody has ever been oppressed whilst being innocent. Demons cannot oppress or possess innocent people. When children are being possessed or oppressed it is because of the sins of the parents and I am not talking about generational curses. I am talking about parents teaching their children how to sin and how to get involved in demonic activities and that results in these children being demonically-possessed. Unfortunately, parents can cause their children a lot of harm. When it comes to babies I am very skeptical to reports that babies can be demonically-possessed. If it does happen then the parents are to be blamed for it.

Demonic spirits can only possess people who are involved in sin. Sin causes people to be oppressed and sin causes people to be possessed. This does not happen instantly but it is a process. The more we give ourselves over to a particular sin, the more we indulge ourselves in a particular sin, the more we give our bodies, our souls and our spirits over to the particular sin, the more demonic spirits gain control and power over our bodies, souls and spirits.

This happens in phases or it gradually progresses. The devil entices us with the possibility of more pleasure and more power and more intensity if we allow him more control and people willingly “sell” their bodies, souls and spirits for more pleasure, more power or whatever the devil promises them. This is how people are being oppressed and this is how they get demonically-possessed. It does not happen with innocent people.

Satan and his demons just cannot oppress people or possess people like they want to. Demonic spirits cannot be transferred to innocent people. Not through laying on hands, not through sex, not through music, not through a word or communication, not through clothes, not through association, not through unholy soul-ties, not through television or books or water or alcohol or food or material or objects or the environment. When a person declares that he was possessed through any of the things that I just mentioned, understand that such a person might feel or think that this is how it happened but the reality is that such a person got involved in sin and that sin is the real reason why he or she got demonically-possessed.

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If you are getting involved in sin by having sex with prostitutes you might get demonically-possessed whilst doing so but that is not through the transference of spirits. That is because of you giving yourself over to lust, which is a sin, and that is why you were possessed. The same with other sins. God will never allow an innocent person to get demonically-possessed through the transference of spirits. People are demonically-possessed because of them getting involved in sin and they are being possessed progressively. It is not an instant thing. People bring this over themselves. They are never innocent when they are demonically-possessed. They caused it. Also, demons cannot rape innocent unsuspecting people just like they want to. When a person is raped by demons they were or are involved in a sexual sin which caused it to happen.

People call the positive anointing of the Holy Spirit the transference of a spirit but it is not. When a person is anointed it means that he or she now has the Spirit of God to assist him. The Bible says in Deuteronomy that when Moses laid his hand on Joshua, he was full of the spirit of wisdom. Those who say that Moses transferred the spirit of wisdom from him to Joshua according to Deuteronomy are mistaken. There is no such thing as a spirit of wisdom referring to a living creature. What is the spirit of wisdom? We know that it is not a demonic spirit, otherwise, Moses caused Joshua to be demonically-possessed to do the work of God. That is absurd. Is it an angel then? No, nowhere in the Bible does it say that people can be angel-possessed. Angels do not possess people and angels do not give us the power to perform. The Bible says that we shall have power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us.

What this means is that God anointed Joshua when Moses laid his hands on him meaning that from that moment Joshua had the Holy Spirit to help him. The reference to the “spirit of wisdom” only emphasizes that Joshua had a special anointing pertaining to wisdom. This does not even mean that Joshua was baptized with the Holy Spirit because that was only possible in the New Testament after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

This is one of the reasons why I do not believe in all sorts of spirits named after emotions and sins and so on. This misunderstanding was caused by the Scripture that says that God did not give us the spirit of fear. This caused people to believe that there is a spirit of fear. The reality is that it is the same as the spirit of wisdom that we just discussed. The opposite of the spirit of fear is the spirit of love or trust or faith which is similar to the spirit of wisdom which is the characteristics of the Holy Spirit. It is not a real spirit. It all means that we have the Holy Spirit to help us with life.

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I do not want to get into too much detail regarding this because this course is about living victoriously and successfully in Christ. We need to restore our lives and anointed men of God or people who have miracle-working faith can help us tremendously in this regard.

If you cannot find a person with faith or a person with the gift of healing, you will have to rely on yourself. You will have to build up your most holy faith because without faith it is impossible to please God. Healing does not come without faith. Healing does not come by merely asking God to heal you. Even if you beg God for your healing it will not manifest in your life because healing manifests because of faith. You need a miracle-working faith for that to happen. Even with people who operate in the gifts of the Spirit or the gift of healing, faith is produced through the anointing of the Holy Spirit or the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is the God of grace and mercy giving us extra help to restore us.

Many people take the hard way and they succeed. They meditate on the word of God about healing until those promises and those words of God become so real in their lives and so real in their spirits that it produces miracle-working faith. This is when the word of God is firmly built into their hearts. This is when miracles become a reality in their lives. But, make no mistake, it does take time. It does take a year or two and in some cases even longer, depending on the commitment of the person and how he or she deals with the word of God. Following this route will lead to a complete restoration in all areas of life but it will be challenging. It will often be difficult but you will be amazed to see your faith grow in one year more than it did since the day you repented fifty years ago. It is especially true when you remove all worldly support systems in your life. That means that you are serious and you mean business. It means that you have put all your hope and all your faith in God and nothing else. God honors this.

A very important thing that you will have to do is to learn to persist. As soon as faith is produced, you will start to speak life and you will start to command healing in your body. As soon as you have done that you are healed. It does not mean that you will see the physical evidence immediately but it is still the truth. The evidence is already a reality in the spiritual world. Faith is your evidence. Hebrews 11:1 says that “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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That does not mean that God healed you at that moment. It means that you have been healed two thousand years ago already and that you are now making it manifest in your life. This is crucial. This makes the difference.

I have heard statements like these many times in the past and although I believed it I did not realize how important it is to actively act according to this principle. 1 Peter 2:24 explicitly says that we were healed. It says the following: Who his own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. 

It does not say that we are healed or going to be healed. It says that we were healed. If we were healed then healing is already ours. It is for this reason that we never need to wonder or to ask whether God wants to heal us. He does not want to heal anybody. He already healed everybody two thousand years ago. This truth is crucial. Healing is virtually impossible if we do not grasp this truth. Christ Jesus took our sins on him and He took our sicknesses and diseases on him, about two thousand years ago. So He took the sins of the world and He took the judgment and the punishment for sin on him as confirmed in Isaiah 53. Judgment and punishment mean hell, sicknesses, diseases, and calamities.

Because we accepted him as our Savior, we do not have to go to hell and we do not have to be sick or experience calamities in our lives. Sin and judgment cannot be separated. They are forever and always connected. Judgment and punishment only exist because of sin. If there were no sin then there would not have been any judgment.

John said that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. If He took away the sins of the world, He also took away the penalty of sin. That is why the regenerated spirit of man cannot sin as we discussed in the previous session. That is why there is no judgment or no condemnation to them who are in Jesus Christ and who walks after the Spirit. A person who is in Christ and who walks after the Spirit will never see any judgment, not now and not in the world to come. Such a person cannot be chastised by God because He has no sin in his life, even if his soul slips up sometimes. Such a person usually repents immediately or soon after he slipped up and they keep pursuing holiness and they keep their hope in Christ. This is very impoertant.

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However, a Christian who walks after the flesh continuously can be and will be chastised by God because he willfully does wrong things or willfully sins. This suggests that such a person is gradually returning to his old unsaved life of sin and therefore there is condemnation in such a person’s life. That is why He brings the penalty of sin over himself and why God will eventually chastise him with sicknesses, diseases, and calamities if he or she does not repent. There is a danger here. The danger is that such a person may go astray and God needs to prevent this. The person was and still is saved during this whole process but he cannot stay in this state of disobedience and rebellion. We have discussed these truths in a previous session already.

Health and healing are always ours if we walk after the Spirit. The moment we walk after the flesh continuously we lose our health and our healing until we repent. The healing might be before the repentance but we will lose our healing again relatively soon if we do not repent. That is why James instructs the members of the congregation (Christians) to do the following when they are sick: Call the elders to pray for you and if you have sinned your sins will be forgiven.

Some people repent years before they are healed. It means that they still have diseases that were caused by sins that have been forgiven years ago. Remember, healing does not manifest automatically after repentance. Such people call for the elders to pray for them for healing and they are healed but they do not have to be forgiven again because they have been forgiven years ago already. 

So there is the connection again, if you are sick because of sin, you will be healed and your sins will be forgiven. It is for this reason that Christians need to judge themselves and to make sure that they repent of all their sins when they ask the elders to pray for them. However, repentance is not a requirement for healing. It is a requirement if you do not want to lose your healing again. It is a requirement to stay well. The prayer of faith will heal any and all Christians without exception but they do need to stop sinning and they do need to repent otherwise they will lose their healing again. This happens often. 

With unsaved people, healing is also always a reality but the same principle is applicable here. When an evangelist or you or anybody who has the necessary faith, go out into the city to pray for sick people and to lead people to Christ, all those unsaved people will be healed without exception. You can randomly lay hands on them all and they will all be healed regardless of whether they are Christians or not, but, they will lose their healing again if they keep on sinning. Jesus told many people not to sin anymore. Let’s read one example of this in John 5:14: Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

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In this verse, we see two things, the first that sin and sicknesses are connected. Jesus confirms that if we sin that bad things will come over us. This means that we bring bad things over ourselves as I said many times in this course. The second thing is that if we do not repent but keep on sinning, that we will lose our healing. Many faith healers in the past have been accused that they heal people but that the people lose their healing again, as if something the healer did was wrong or that healing is not really a reality. Skeptical people like to downplay the legitimacy of the minister or the legitimacy of the healing or the doctrine of healing. This is not the fault of the faith healer and there is nothing wrong with the doctrine. If people stay obedient to God they will not lose their healing. This principle is not about healing, it is about sin. The wages of sin is death, sicknesses and diseases and calamities. Sin always causes sicknesses and diseases and calamities in the lives of people. Everything we do have consequences. The faith healer will heal people but he or she cannot live their lives for them.

To come back to the healing process, I already mentioned the importance of the fact that Jesus does not heal anymore. He already healed. God entered into his rest. He does not work anymore. Whatever God ever wanted to do for mankind He already did on that cross, two thousand years ago. God stopped doing things for mankind on that day. God does not have to do a thing anymore. He already did everything that He wanted to and that He needed to.

We often hear preachers say that God is fighting for you or that God is busy behind the scenes and so on. God is not fighting for you anymore. He already defeated satan on the cross. He might be busy behind the scenes but that is only true in terms of matters of the world and governance and so on. It might be true when it comes to God making sure that you get your promotion or you end up at the place He wants you to be and so on.

It is not the truth when it comes to you taking up your inheritance and living a victorious and successful life in the kingdom of God. God already did everything He wanted to and that we needed him to do. The ball is in our court and we need to claim all those things and we need to make them ours. How successful we are depends on what we do. Wé need to make things happen in our lives. Not God. Wé need to reign over our circumstances in our lives. Wé need to put things into place that need to be put in place. God is not going to do it for us.

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We need to plug into the resources that God made available to us and make it part of our lives. Everything that we will ever need is already ours. It belongs to us already. We do not have to ask God whether He wants to heal us or wants to bless us. If you still want to do this then I am afraid that you will not receive your healing or your blessing. If a person tells you that he or she believes without a doubt that God will heal them then you know that they will not be healed. The reason for this is that to believe that God will do something that He already did is equivalent to not believing that it already exists. It is nothing but unbelief. This is not just a view or a way of seeing something. This is the reality.

If we want God to do something, which He already did, it means we do not realize that it was done already. It means that we do not know that it is already available. We walk past it, to him, and ask him to create it. He is not going to create something that already exists that we chose to ignore because of ignorance. He wants you to go back to the spot where you passed your healing and take it. This is very significant. This makes all the difference. People who grasped this will never beg God for healing. They know that begging God for healing is a waste of time. Begging for healing will never result in healing.

It is the person that boldly goes in for the “kill” by boldly taking up his inheritance that will receive their healing. They storm the kingdom of God and take their inheritance by force. They do not attempt to bring something into existence. They just take what already exists. They just take possession of it. They just say the words, “Healed in the Name of Jesus” and by doing that they cause what is already in the spiritual realm to manifest in the physical realm.

This is a different mindset and a different attitude. They know that nothing can stop it or prevent it from happening and they know that there is no blockage or circumstances or anything that can prevent it. There is no blockage at all. The only blockage is whatever we think is a blockage. God can almost be bypassed so surely and readily available is his blessings. The woman with the issue of blood was healed by her own faith without any help or input from Jesus. This is how faith and healing works. She just got healed automatically because of faith. Jesus did not even know who touched him and who received his or her healing. He just felt power flowing out from him the moment she touched the fringe of his cloak.

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The only requirements that we need to cause our healing to manifest or to cause any miracle that we need to manifest in our lives are the following: We need faith and we need to live a holy and obedient life in the presence of the Lord. This means that we need to walk after the Spirit. I am talking about people who are praying and believing for themselves and praying and believing for other people. When we have met these requirements, nothing can stop miracles in our lives, even if our souls do slip up sometimes.

If you have faith, and if you walk after the Spirit, even if your soul sometimes does slip up, you will be able to heal every sick person, including yourself, just like Jesus did, and nothing can prevent you from doing so and nothing can stop those miracles to manifest in the physical or natural realm.

You do not even need to ask God for his permission or his leading in this regard. When you see a sick person you do not have to ask God whether He wants to heal that person. You do not need to wait for the Holy Spirit to lead you. God always wants to heal everybody at all times irrespective of what people did or what they are busy with. It doesn’t even matter if they have bitterness and unforgiveness in their hearts. If you have faith, they will be healed.

If they can hang onto their healing is another matter. If a person with sin in his life still refuses to repent after being healed, they will surely become sick again quite soon and they might even be worse off because of them being so rebellious and stubborn. It is always a good thing to talk to people who have been healed and to warn them of this reality. They have sinned but now that they are healed, they need to repent and they need to abstain from sinning again for something worse than the sickness or disease they had might happen to them. 

It is like when Peter healed that beggar at the temple. Let’s read about this in Acts 3:6, Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

Healing is not only ours but it is also ours to give. This is exactly what Peter said in this verse. He said what I have I give thee. This is a reality. This is the truth. We are literally supposed to walk this earth and do exactly what Jesus did. We give people what Jesus gave us. Jesus gave people what the Father gave him. There is no difference in what we were sent to do except for the cross. Jesus said that He sends us out just as the Father has sent him. He said that whatever He did we will do also and even more than He because He went to the Father.

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Nothing can stop your healing. You will always be healed under any circumstances, especially if a man of faith lay hands on you. When you are praying for yourself it might take a while but as sure as God lives, your healing will manifest. It will take a while at first but the stronger your faith develops the quicker healing will manifest in your life and also in the body of the people that you pray for. Nothing in this world can stop it. It is not up to God. It is up to us. If you can believe, you will witness your healing manifest. That is a fact and it is always the truth.

I have seen it numerous times in my own life. I have received healing several times. I know that it is the truth and that it works. Every time. I was healed of a very painful acid condition in my joints. I was healed of a very serious heart disease. Apart from that, about five times in two or three years heart attacks were stopped supernaturally. Three times I was delivered from strokes. After that, I was healed from an eye stroke or a retinal vein occlusion in my left eye. I was healed from blepharitis which is an eyelid infection, a chronic condition that has no cure according to the medical profession. I was healed of allergies.

Yes, I still have conditions in my body that still need to manifest in the physical realm. One of them was a condition that I experienced even before school, astigmatism. I started wearing glasses at the age of six because of this, fifty-five years already but I know that my healing will surely manifest. There is absolutely no disease and no sickness that cannot be healed. There is not a miracle that cannot be performed. Anything and everything is possible with God. It is just a matter of faith and perseverance.

The more you practice your faith the more success you will have. One thing that is too difficult for you today will be within your ability tomorrow. I have seen that happen. Faith grows and faith develops. It is for this reason that I recommend people not to be dismayed or disappointed when a certain situation is too daunting for them or if they do not have the necessary faith to deal with it at a given point in their life. Go see a doctor and live another day and persist in your faith-walk in Christ and keep building up your most holy faith until you can deal with that thing. However, it is important that you do not give up on that specific condition. You will have to deal with everything eventually because whatever you do not deal with will eventually kill you. If you decide to accept a particular sickness or disease or you decide that you are no longer going to restore yourself when it comes to a particular sickness or condition, it will probably kill you one day.

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You need to kill all the giants in your life. You need to restore yourself completely. Do not be like Israel who did not defeat all its enemies in the land of Canaan. Do not be like Israel who did not conquer the whole promised land but a mere ten percent of it. You need to claim your whole inheritance. This means that at some stage in your life you will have to trust God so much that you will not be scared of the most challenging and life-threatening situation.

You will have to be able to literally put your life in the hands of God without any fear and your faith needs to stand. You will not die and you will see the victory every time. You will know that it is impossible for it not to materialize every time. It is guaranteed, every time for everybody, under any circumstances, at all times and nothing can stop it.

You will learn that our attitude plays an important part in this. You need to know who you are in God. You need to know that God in you is stronger than any sickness or disease. You need to know that you have authority over all sicknesses and diseases and the devil and any demon and any combination of sicknesses and diseases and a combination of demons and devils and demons of all levels combined at once.

You need to know that you can act in this authority in all circumstances at all times. You need to know that the moment you see any sick person, at any time, whatever and whenever with whatever disease and even dead already, no matter what caused his or her death, that you can boldly move in with authority and heal the sick, raise the dead and cast the devils out. Any time at any place.

The reality is that you will only be able to achieve what you have faith for. Everybody starts at the bottom with the easy stuff first and then they move up to the more difficult stuff until they master the most difficult stuff. It is easier to start with the giants in your own life first before you move to the giants in other people’s lives. On the other hand, many people report that as soon as they started to lay hands on other people they got healed as well. They got healed from diseases that they struggled with the moment they started praying (laying on hands) for other people.

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You will learn that you need to be like a lion. You will need to be like a Viking going into battle. They went into battle fearlessly destroying their enemies until they were all dead. You need to be like a lion destroying a mob of meerkats. You need to be like an irritated gardener with a chainsaw aggressively cutting down a forest until the last tree falls to the ground. You need to be relentless and you need to be adamant.

People cannot be like I just described if they are caught somewhere between two minds or when they doubt something or when they are not sure about something. Whatever you think might block or hinder or resist a person’s healing will cause you not to be like I just mentioned. If you ask yourself these questions, What if God does not want me to heal a particular person? What if the person does not get healed? What if this person has bitterness or unforgiveness in his life? Why doesn’t God heal everyone? What if this person suffers because of generational curses? What if God wants the person to be sick? What if the person does not have faith? Whatever reason you might think of why a person might not be healed will cause you to doubt and that will eliminate you to lay hands on people. You will not be successful when it comes to healing people and even yourself if you have any doubt in the will and the the ability of God for you and for other people. God healed everybody two thousand years ago already. The only person who needs faith is you. It is your faith that heals people. Not there faith. You do not need them to produce faith.

Although sicknesses and diseases and calamities are caused by sin, and although we need to judge ourselves and repent, we do not have to investigate and determine every root that caused every disease. This is something that will cause more harm than good. Yes, I believe there is some truth in this doctrine. I do believe that certain sins cause certain sicknesses and diseases but I do have a problem with the legalism involved in this doctrine. God does not want us to spend hours and hours investigating the causes of sicknesses and diseases this way. He does not want us to spend so much time on such negative things.

There is no instruction in the Bible to do what this doctrine suggests. Paul told the Corinthians why they get sick and why some of them are dead already and he told them that it is because they do not judge themselves and because of that they fail to repent, but, it is not necessary to start a science about this or to create such a negative doctrine. It will have a very negative impact and influence on people.

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This will negatively influence you by looking for all sorts of sins in people’s lives ending up in you not praying for them or being very reluctant to pray for them. You need to know that nothing can stop healing other than you lacking faith and you being disobedient in the presence of God. As I said, you need to be bold like a lion going in for the kill.

Imagine a lion jumping on top of a mob of meerkats. You will suddenly hear the commotion. Meerkats screaming and fleeing in all sorts of directions. You will see blood and hair and even meerkats flying around and within seconds everything will be over. All of the meerkats will be missing and a few corpses will be lying all over the place.

Imagine that irritated aggressive gardener “attacking” those trees with his chainsaw with a tank full of fuel. You will just hear the loud screaming sound of the chainsaw and branches and trees cracking and crashing all over the place. Imagine the reaction of the trees as they “hear” that terrible sound coming closer and closer, fast and furious. Then you will suddenly hear the silence when the gardener could not find a tree standing anywhere and shutting off his chainsaw. This is how God wants us to deal with sicknesses and diseases in our lives.

Even with the sicknesses and diseases that He brought over us. God does not want you to embrace any sickness or disease. He wants everybody healed and He wants everybody to deal with the sins that caused all sicknesses, diseases, and calamities in the first place. Isn’t it odd to you that James 2 says that the elders will heal the sick and then that if they sinned it will be forgiven? Isn’t it odd to you that Jesus didn’t preach repentance first and then healed the sick? No, He healed them first and then He warned them not to sin again otherwise worse things will come over them. Isn’t it odd that the Bible suggests that we eat the bread first and then we drink the wine? Nothing, not even sin, can stop your healing to manifest.

If you want to go out and heal the sick, you need to be determined and you need to be persistent. If you go out and meet a sick person to pray for such a person you need to go with an attitude of “I am not returning home until that person’s healing has manifested or at least start to manifest”. Sometimes healing takes a bit of time to manifest, a few minutes or a few hours or a few days but if it hasn’t manifested after a few days you need to lay hands on that person again. Even Jesus prayed for a blind person more than once and each time his eye-site improved until he was completely healed.

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You need to go out with the knowledge and the understanding that you have all the power and all the authority that you need. You need to go out knowing that nothing can stop that disease or sickness from manifesting in the physical realm. This is how Jesus dealt with any oppression or disease or sickness or demonic spirit. The Bible says that Jesus went out and that He healed every sick person. The Bible also says that the apostles went out and that they healed every sick person. We read about it in Matthew 4:23-24

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them.

Matthew 10:1

And when He had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.

Acts 10:38

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.

Do you think that none of those people had bitterness in their lives? None of the people that Jesus healed and none of the people the apostles healed? None of them had sin in their lives? Of course, some of them were bitter or unforgiving or a racist or despising other people yet they were healed. Did Jesus or the apostles ever ask this kind of question? Is there any indication of anything that might hinder healing in the Bible? No, of course not. However, the Bible does say that people can be or will be sicker or worse if they do not stop sinning or living a sinful life after they have been healed.

Jesus came for all sinners and all peoples. He took away all sins and He dealt with the penalty of sin. There is nothing that He did not deal with. He completely restored everything. Everything is done already. Everybody just needs to reach out and take it. Everybody just needs to plug into all the resources that God made available for us. It is already there. He wants all people to repent and He wants them all to be healed, irrespective of what comes first. 

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This is all for today. See you next time.

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