Dreams Dictionary On Smartphone

Pdf Format only?

When our clients buy the Dream Symbols Dictionary, we always send them the download link to the Pdf format of the dictionary. Many people are happy with the Pdf format. They use it on their laptops and desktops.

Of course, Pdf files do not work for smartphones. You cannot read a book in Pdf format on your phone. It is very convenient to have the dictionary in an easy-reading format on your smartphone. That is why you need your book in a format that is suitable for smartphones.

Why don’t you request your ePub or Kindle formats?

You have already paid for it with your initial purchase.

ePub reading apps and Kindle reading apps make it very convenient and easy to read books on smartphones. It also adds a lot of extra features and functions that you may need.

When people request the download links for the ePub and Kindle formats, we do send it to them with a very important reminder: Before you download your Kindle or ePub books, make sure you have the Kindle App installed on your phone for kindle or an ePub reader installed on your phone for ePub. Without these apps, your phone will not recognize your download and you will not be able to read your books.

Use your symbols links in the index

We also remind them of the very convenient links in the index: Always use the links in your index to get to the symbols, quick and easy. There are just too many pages to scroll through just to check the meaning of a symbol. The links in the index conveniently take you straight to the symbols that you want to consult.

Use your Dream Symbols Dictionary on your smartphone. It is easily accessible wherever you are, after all, you do have your cellphone with you, every day, wherever you are.


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