Excellent Dream Interpreter?

How to become a good and effective dreams and visions interpreter?

First, cover the theoretical aspects of dreams and visions interpretation by reading the book first before you start to make yourself familiar with the symbols and their meanings.

Follow these guidelines:

Start implementing what you have learned. Start to interpret your dreams and visions and even dreams and visions of family and friends. You can do that effectively by working through the practical aids that we have provided on the website.

Important information: Regularly check out the website for posts regarding dreams and visions. A lot of information is covered in these posts that are not included in the book, tutorials, or course material.

Read and study the meanings of all the symbols in the “Dreams Dictionary” as often as you can. Take your time. The meanings of the symbols will slowly but surely get more familiar to you.

Always refer to the dictionary, even when you are sure you know the meaning of a particular symbol. We all tend to miss different aspects and different variations of the same symbol in terms of its meaning. There are sometimes alternative meanings and even different variations of those meanings pertaining to many symbols.

There will come a time when you won’t need to check out the meanings of symbols anymore but my recommendation is to postpone that for as long as you can. I still consult the dictionary regularly after more than 30 years of involvement in dream interpretation.

On the website, you will find “Dream Symbols Analysis Reports” which will help and train you to interpret dreams and visions correctly. These reports are very important and you need to do these practical exercises as much as you can. Try to analyze the symbols and interpret the dreams and visions yourself before you read the interpretation done by me. This will train you to identify symbols correctly. You will be able to identify not only the prominent symbols but even the hidden symbols in dreams and visions. It will also guide you and train you on how to identify the core meaning or core “theme” of a particular dream or vision.

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Regularly check out the dreams and interpretations on the Dream Interpretation Community Forum. This will be a great help as well.

The Correct Approach:

Read through the explanation of the meanings(s) of the particular symbol. Make sure you take note of deviations and exceptions regarding the different meanings. Record the meanings. Identify the incident that triggered the dream or the vision. This is the basis or the foundation from where you start or build your interpretation process. Before you start, you need to understand what triggered the dream or the vision. Remember the principles that cover the “Golden Key”.

An Important Starting Point:

Most dreams, by far, are emotional restoration dreams. This is where you start. When it becomes clear that the particular dream is not an emotional restoration dream, then you can start identifying the correct trigger (Golden Key).

Quick Index Links

When our clients buy the Dream Symbols Dictionary, we always send them the download link to the Pdf format of the Dictionary. Many people are happy with the Pdf format. They use it on their laptops and desktops.

Of course, Pdf files do not work for smartphones. You cannot read a book in Pdf format on your phone. Note that the Index Links make it very convenient to have the dictionary in an easy-reading format on your smartphone. That is why you need your book in a format that is suitable for smartphones.

Why don’t you request your ePub or Kindle formats?

You have already paid for it with your initial purchase.

ePub reading apps and Kindle reading apps ensure a very pleasant reading experience. It also adds a lot of extra features and functions that you may need.

When people request the download links for the ePub and Kindle formats, we do send them to them with a very important reminder:

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Use the symbols index links

Always use the links in your index to get to the symbols, quickly and easily. There are just too many pages to scroll through just to check the meaning of a symbol. The links in the index conveniently take you straight to the symbols that you want to consult.

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Use your Dream Symbols Dictionary on your smartphone. It is easily accessible wherever you are, after all, you do have your cellphone with you, every day, wherever you are.


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