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Hi Fred

Firstly, I will give you the meanings of the symbols: I would just like to add that the ‘somebody’ in your dream in my opinion, is God.

Golden – In dreams and visions the colour gold symbolizes holiness and purified faith or steadfast faith.

Game (Wild Game) buck – In dreams and visions – IN A POSITIVE SENSE speaks of a person who longs for the revelation of God. This is symbolized by a deer in (Ps. 42.1) (Proverbs 5.19) also speaks about the loving nature of the deer. David speaks of God making his feet like the feet of a deer which speaks of a person walking steadfastly where he is supposed to walk. In Song of Solomon we read about the woman advising her beloved to flee from sexual immorality like the deer. In this sense, it speaks of sexual morality.

Animals – In dreams and visions, the characteristics of animals symbolize attitudes, weaknesses, sins and demonic influences in the lives of people. This aspect is about the discerning of spirits.

Wings In this case speaks of spiritual wings.


In my opinion this dream speaks of you living a life of holiness. God has given you the necessary wisdom and help to be able to live a holy life. You have purified and steadfast faith that has God has helped you build up over time. He has put that longing in your heart for a revelation of Him. You have been blessed by God with a loving nature just like a deer. You walk steadfastly on the right path and places that you are meant to walk on. You have been given “spiritual wings” by God which helps you to soar spiritually and reach higher heights in God. Use them. This dream is symbolic of what God actually wants for your life that’s why He’s giving you this Golden buck in your dream and it’s a good sign that you received it. Pursue these things and be blessed.