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Hi Fred

Let me start by giving you the meaning of the symbols then I will give you the interpretation in my opinion.

Black bicycle – in dreams and visions speaks of a person’s doubt and unbelief in his own efforts regarding his ministry and or prayer-life.

Vehicles – Vehicles are utilized to move from one place to another place. In this sense, vehicles are used so that we can progress in life, achieve something in life or move forward on the roads of life.

Moving forward – in dreams and visions speaks of people gaining ground in a spiritual or a natural sense. It speaks of progress.

Moving slowly – not progressing very well.

Night (dark) – In dreams and visions symbolizes evil influences or evil activities in the lives of people. It speaks of evil or demonic activities in a person’s life to cause unbelief and sin and fear in the lives of people. Whenever the events in our lives take place during the night, in dark places and dusky areas, it speaks of unbelief, evil and demonic activities. It speaks of evil people busy with evil manoeuvres in the lives of people. In some cases, the night can symbolize a time of tribulation. It speaks of persecution, trials and hardships.


You could be experiencing hardships, trials and persecutions in your ministry at the moment and in your prayer life which is causing you to doubt in yourself regarding your ministry. Maybe you should step up your prayer life to another level.

Because of these trials and tribulations you are not progressing very well because there are evil influences and demonic activities in your life at the moment. Your spiritual life is under attack. You are most likely experiencing fear and unbelief, too. Things look dark and negative in your life and ministry but in spite of this, although the progression is slow, you are still moving forward and gaining ground spiritually. It shows that you have not given up hope. You are still progressing, which is a good sign.