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Basie Martins


I think you nailed it with your interpretation Cruzely. Good interpretation and good advice.

Marina, I think the first person felt that if you got a bit emotional about something in this regard, you perhaps had an emotional restoration dream. Remember that the interpreters do not know the triggers that caused your dream, so they try to identify possible triggers.

Most of the time, dreams are caused by things that bother us (emotional restoration dreams) and I think she meant that if you are planning to get married, maybe the prospect bothered you a bit, or, if it did not bother you, then maybe God does not want you to marry that specific person, which is possible. We pray that God must help us find the right person and that is why He may intervene with a dream.

However, you are not planning to get married right now, so either Cruzely is right about this not about a literal marriage, or, the things about divorces that you saw and experienced just before the dream, might have caused a bit of concern about marriage in your heart and that triggered the dream.

Read a bit more about the triggers that cause dreams at this link: