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Update coffin and horseshoe dream.
The Bibletexts he looked up in the Bible praying and looking for symbols.
The objects came by themselves out of the ground,and were flying at waisthight and then put carefully in a coffin with protective (isolation) materials. This was done by a team that was specialized to do this. One of the men was possibly the men who we did prophetic ministry to in his house. My brother saw in the prophetic session in the spirit a coffin, and the couple really had such a coffin in their house! In the dream my brother asked the men if it was a good idea to put the closed coffin at the bench, so that nothing could be taken by people passing by. But it was done very quickly and it should be ok according to the men.
My brother was only looking in the dream and asking one question. So there was the scène of the objects coming out of the ground, and the scène of objects being packed in the coffin and put (closed) on the bench for people to see.Among the objects were five horses hoes.