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Hi [email protected]€”L,

Sorry for taking so long. I was extremely busy the past few days. Anyway, let’s take a look at this dream:

We know there are evil spirits involved because deliverance was necessary. We know that there was quite a lot of tradition involved because of the Catholic church nearby, the relics, and the iron horseshoes. We know that there was an outstanding depth or outstanding spiritual issues involved because of the coffin being on the bench and not buried.

The fact that the horseshoes and the copper relics were underground but emerged again speaks of a situation where man-made power (the iron horseshoes), or at least signs of man-made power were exposed or given new life again. It was revived or it enjoyed special focus or attention.

Copper or brass symbolizes the judgment of God over sin and unrighteousness. It symbolizes the harsh, unapproachable, strength and endurance of irrevocable judgment. Nobody can bypass judgment without Christ. Only in Christ can we find redemption and can we be delivered from this strong force from God called judgment.

The fact that evil influences came out of the copper relics speaks of evil spirits punishing people. It is supposed to be God punishing evil activities and not evil punishing or influencing people. People are supposed to be immune to evil attacks.

Now it appears that the man-made traditions and power and traditions and evil influences were dealt with because it was put into the coffin.

A coffin speaks of unfinished financial, spiritual, or other matters. It speaks of unresolved issues. When we see a coffin in dreams it means that the relevant issue is not buried yet. It means the issue still exists. It means paying off old financial debts, honoring contracts, or honoring promises, or rectifying wrong spiritual issues was not dealt with completely. When a coffin is placed into the grave and buried it means that the issue is now resolved and dealt with completely.

Now, this incident probably bothered your brother a bit or maybe he pondered on the couple because of questions that he had about their situation. This dream could mean that they still have unresolved issues although the team already ministered onto them. The fact that this person in the dream wanted to keep the coffin on display next to the walkway (pad) for everybody to see may be positive but it may be negative in the sense that this couple is not completely delivered yet. They still have some of the old man-made traditions and practices in their hearts and in their lives which will result in evil spirits continuing to influence them negatively.

False man-made traditions are nothing but doctrines of devils and doctrines of devils bring people into bondage.

The number 5 symbolizes fruitfulness and fertility. It symbolizes God’s grace to men in terms of provision and financial blessings. The number five speaks of the blessings of God which speak of life. However, it appears that in this case, it was a negative 5 which has the opposite meaning. So either by not finalizing this spiritual issue the devil and evil spirits will continue influencing them negatively which will block spiritual and financial fruitfulness and blessings.

The way for all of us to deal with tradition and doctrines of devils is to repent and to submit ourselves to the true word of God and true doctrines. The fact that your brother asked if it was a good idea to leave the coffin near the bench because he was worried that people might take the stuff, and the men not seeing any problem with it being there, makes me wonder if some people involved are part of the old traditional way of deliverance ministry which is not Biblical. They do stuff to deliver people that is not in the Bible and not instructed to do by either God, Jesus, the apostles, or the Bible (ignorant wrong way of delivering people – doctrines of devils).

This usually results in people only partially delivered and even causing more bondage. Anyway, I cannot tell what exactly is the case. I have given a few scenarios about possible meanings. However, I am fairly certain that the meaning of the dream is negative and it is about negative issues in the lives of the couple that was ministered onto and maybe in the lives of some of the people in the ministering team.