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Hi Fully Restored,

Sorry for taking so long. I was extremely busy the past few days. Anyway, let’s take a look at this dream:

Dreaming of angels speaks of dreaming about messages from God. This implies that there were messengers sent to deliver the messages. These messengers are human beings. So it could have been angels but it could have been about the messages from God coming to you through people (God’s messengers)

It is interesting that in both dreams, the ones where you were absolutely sure that they were bad (or at least the abductor was) and the angels, in both dreams you tried to determine whether they were messengers from God.

The clean pleasant breath assured you that they were God’s messengers with God’s word (messages). Eating good food causes pleasant breath. Eating rotten food (lies) speaks of messages from satan. Rotten food causes bad breath. Don’t feel bad about your breath needing a bit of mint. That is the situation with almost all people. We listen to sermons and pastors and their messages are not always pure and that leaves a bit of bad breath, especially when we believe some of these doctrines.

The mint with the hair was a quick fix and the hair on it speaks of the quick fix not pure. We should learn to eat only the good messages of God and then we won’t have a bad breath at all. Good thing you threw it away.

When we dream of being hurt or abducted or robbed it speaks of the devil or evil spirits hurting us in some way. That is done through lies and deceit and us falling for their lies and deceit. This part of the dream speaks of you in a position to equip other people and preparing them for life or for ministry. So your suspicion about messages and messengers is about this area of your ministry. You want to be equipped the right way so that you can equip others the right way and so that your ministry is not stolen by evil (abducted).

I think the trigger was about this and not about your family unless you regard your family as messengers that influence you spiritually (doctrines and the word of God and ministry).

It really does appear that these two dreams are connected and about doctrines and spiritual equipping.