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Hi Monica,

Dreaming of floors in houses (for example beautiful marble floors) speaks of a person who is spiritually strong and beautiful of heart and soul. It speaks of a strong foundation of steadfastness and divine (kingdom) beauty.

In this dream, the floor is wooden which speaks of a foundation of compassion, sympathy, or generosity.

So this probably speaks of a specific situation where your brother needs that type of foundation. The fact that his name is written on that floor together with God’s name “Emanuel”, which means “God with us” is an indisputable fact that God is with him and He will be with him in this situation. So this dream is a promise that the God of compassion and generosity and sympathy is with your brother. He is a strong foundation and he will be with your brother.

Your brother’s friend probably knows what the situation is all about because that is the trigger. Everything will be OK and he can tell your brother about this dream because it is an assurance that He will not leave him or forsake him. He will help him.

If there is nothing that your brother is struggling with, then this dream is God’s promise that he will also be compassionate, generous, and sympathetic, just as He is.