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Chris B

Hi Lady E,

I have a lot of experience when it comes to interpreting dreams for people who want to get married or who applied for new jobs or new ventures. They are usually very excited and it causes them to dream about these things. Many times the dreams are just reflections of their excitement (emotional state) but many times their dreams are confirmations and the dreams even sometimes give information on what will happen and how it is going to be.

The other day I interpreted a dream for a woman who applied for a job as a headmaster of a school at three different schools (three vacancies). She had a dream that she will be successful at a specific school and she must accept the position at the specific school. She recognized the school in the dream. Well, I thought it was just an emotional restoration dream but it turned out it was not. Her application was successful at this school, she did receive the offer from this school and she did accept the offer!

Now your dreams are filled with a lot of positive symbols. It speaks of this opportunity or this vacancy resulting in a very fruitful situation for you and your family. All the sweet fruit and abundance and the shadow of the huge tree and people picking fruit from your hands all speak of abundance, which makes it possible for you to help and support other people. The tree is probably your husband.

The moving into a new house may speak of you moving into a new house or somebody doing something to accommodate you. It is as if something had to be done so that your husband can be offered the new job or so that you can move into the new house. It can also simply mean that your family will be in new circumstances. In this case, the new house symbolizes new circumstances. The fact that it was good people making room for you is a positive aspect.

The job offer by De Beers Mining Company is probably literal and not symbolic. Your husband will probably get an offer from them. The fact that the bedrooms were run down and the fact that construction work will have to be done whilst you are living there may speak of a situation where the new circumstances will cause a bit of effort and work on your side concerning the intimate and private relationships (bedrooms) among the members of your family. It may speak of a bit of adjustment and sacrifice in this area, but overall, if you look at all the positive aspects of these dreams, it will probably be worth the effort.

The last scene also speaks of change and efforts. The shoes speak of the opportunity and the preparedness to walk this new road. It either speaks of you willing to do this with your husband as long as it is casual and comfortable (sandals and slip-on with bent soles).

The poop in the panty speaks of a little bit of emotional sins like bitterness or contempt about something relating to this whole situation. It is as if you are prepared to walk this road with your husband as long as it is not too inconvenient or causing too much emotional garbage. The fact that the shoes were pricy symbolizes that this aspect is a requirement. Maybe there was a bit of emotional garbage involved with similar previous situations or in his present work situation (another possibility). Whatever it is, there is something about all this that did cause a bit of emotional issues or maybe it will in the future. Maybe he may neglect the family a bit because of a lot of responsibility and work pressure (bedrooms under construction and panty).

As I said, with this type of dream it is quite often just a reflection of the excitement and emotions and the concerns about the new prospect but sometimes it reveals certain aspects of the new life that is about to become a reality.