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Hi Fully Restored,

A revolver shoots bullets (missiles or fiery darts or spears or arrows) that speak of words of criticism or discontent or unbelief or negativity. The enemy (evil spirits) uses other people to “shoot” us with words. People with critical spirits toward other people usually say negative things about them or to them. If you dream somebody shoots another person, with a rifle, it means that such a person is saying negative things to or about that person.

The first dream was all about words that had the power to either kill or possess your friend’s husband. Based on the symbols, this shot “words” was in the head where positive or negative words or thoughts are accommodated. So an outsider “injected” a word that changed her husband’s mind. If it killed him it means that he died to his own words (whatever the words are in this regard or situation) and accepted the words of the person who shot him. If only processed, it means that he is now under the influence of that person’s words.

This part: I said you saved my life and he said I wanted you to get shot too so we could be together (like I was thinking he was possessive but he wanted me to be where he was going forever), means that her husband wanted his wife to believe something that he believed in (the words that the strange man shot him with). Maybe her husband felt that if she believed the same as him it would have been better and easier for their relationship.

I have a feeling (I cannot say for sure) that the words may have been negative or bad because she pleaded with Jesus and because she told her husband that he saved her life. I think her husband believed something that she did not believe and that probably influenced their relationship.

A stranger in dreams usually symbolizes a person that cannot be trusted. This stranger probably represents a person or people who have caused her husband to believe negative things in the past or in regard to this specific incident.

I will interpret the other dream later today.