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Hi Fred

Firstly, here are the meanings of the symbols:

BROWN – symbolizes selfish ambitions or fleshly desires or striving or sin. It is the same colour as mud. A pig likes to roll in the mud. It really does not care to get dirty. A person with fleshly desires and ambitions is like a pig.

HAND –The hands of a person symbolize the power and organizational aspect of the Body of Christ. It’s all about power (opportunity and ability to bring into existence) organizing, functioning and the handling of spiritual issues in the body of Christ. It symbolizes strength, power, possession (in one’s hand) and action. It also speaks of the helping hand of God which was delegated to the church. It is about equipping the saints for the ministry and the building up of the Body of Christ. With “hand” the emphasis is on power and organizing and guiding.

SHOES –symbolize our readiness and willingness to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Eph. 6.15) and your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace.

QUALITY.-In this case speaks of the excellent quality of God’s Word that you must proclaim.

SAFETY. Speaks in this case of you being well prepared for any difficult situation whilst doing what God has called you to do for him.

WORK BOOTS.-Says that you will be working hard in these boots. These boots are definitely not for you to look smart in.

RECEIVED.-Speaks of taking into possession.

SOMEBODY.-In my opinion, in this vision is God.


In my opinion this vision is about you receiving a call from God to do a work for Him. You have the ability to do so. You received that calling and are now ready to go over to action. You are willing to live out your calling and to go out and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your “hand” speaks of strength, power, possession and action. “Quality” speaks of the Word of God which is of the highest, excellent quality. This is the Word that you are called to proclaim. “Safety boots” tell me that you are equipped and prepared for ministry. You will be able to make it through any difficult or challenging situation which may come your way because you have on the full armour of God. “Shoes” (boots) is mentioned in Eph. 6 vs 15.

Beware however, because the brownish colour of the boots speaks of selfish ambition. This is a warning to guard your heart at all times against this .Ensure that selfish ambition does not enter your life. Keep your motives for working for God, pure. Let it always be about God and never about you.