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Hi Edith

Firstly, let’s take a look at the meanings of the symbols.

REEDS in dreams and visions symbolizes frailty or instability. It speaks of people who are not strong, stable or steadfast. It speaks of a person or a group of people who can easily be overpowered or injured in a spiritual sense because of their weaknesses. They are not like a tree planted next to a river but just a frail reed in the water which is easily broken.

CROOKED. Objects like (paths, rods, swords etc.) in dreams and visions symbolizes faulty, defective, flawed, unsound, distorted, inaccurate, incorrect, erroneous, imprecise, fallacious and wrong spiritual situations in the lives of people. It speaks of twisted, perverted, warped, deviant, depraved, corrupt, abnormal, unhealthy, aberrant, distorted, debauched, debased, degenerated, sadistic and evil conditions or situations in the lives of people. It reveals sub-standard or wrong situations and conditions. The other symbols of such a dream or a vision will reveal more info in terms of the meaning or reason of a specific crooked object.

DRY AND THIN. Speak of the bad condition of the reeds “people”.

VEHICLES. In dreams and visions symbolizes a ministry in this case. Different vehicles are the different instruments that enable us to embark on life’s different journeys .In this case it speaks of a spiritual road. Different vehicles allow us to achieve different results or breakthroughs and it also speaks of people who specialize in certain areas.

TRACTOR represents decision making that revolves around maximum productivity. There is a strong focus on a lot of serious work involved. A productive mindset. Represents a large amount of maintenance or preparations.

PLANTING. The soil (hearts) must be prepared for the seeds (Word of God) to be planted.

FARM.-Represents a productive mindset. A mindset that encourages development. Being very focused on maximizing personal (spiritual) growth in this instance.

ROADS.-Speak of our spiritual direction and the circumstances that we experience in our spiritual journey (walking or driving). It speaks of the spiritual conditions on the way ahead in our lives. It is important to note that the surrounding objects or places that we pass when we are travelling or moving on these roads. Buildings and areas and obstacles and geographical location play an important role in this sense. It is important to understand that just a few seconds or minutes or walking on roads and paths and streets can symbolize months or even years in our lives.

In another sense, roads symbolize the pastoral ministry. Pastors looking after people, the sheep, while walking the road of life with them will dream about all sorts of challenges and situations on “roads”. These dreams will help him to deal with these people and with situations in their lives.


In this dream you and some other persons are on a spiritual journey, busy working for God. You are busy on the straight and narrow road (single lane road), that leads to Heaven. Your heart is for souls. That is your passion. You care about people and their spiritual condition. Your mindset is one that encourages development (spiritually) in this case. Therefore you are very focused on maximizing spiritual growth. These “reeds”- people in your dream are weak, probably baby Christians or backslidden Christians and their spiritual conditions are very bad “dry” and “thin”. They desperately need the spiritual help that you want to give them. There is a lot of preparation involved. Their hearts are like the soil which must be prepared before the “seeds” – (God’s Word) can be planted in their hearts. Once you have given these people the necessary attention by planting the Word of God in their lives, they will start growing and developing
Spiritually and become mature Christians and therefore be in a good condition spiritually.