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Hi Daniel,

Let us firstly look at the meanings of the symbols:

School speaks of a place of learning. It speaks of the spiritual school of the Holy Spirit. And also of the school of life. All Christians dream of them being in school from time to time. These dreams are about the different aspects of their spiritual development. It is about preparation, examinations, areas of concern and so forth.
Vehicles are utilized to move from one place to another place. It is the instruments or equipment that enables us to achieve our purposes in life. It, therefore, symbolizes ministries, motivation (life’s journey) natural jobs, business situations and special movements and projects in life. In this sense vehicles are used so that we can progress in life, achieve something in life or move forward on the roads of life.
Car symbolizes a person’s personal ministry or motivation (life) or natural job or business situation. Whatever the condition of the car, the colour and the incidents that the car is involved in, is telling us more about the personal motivation, ministry and work of a person. Christians dream of personal ministries as well as the other aspects of this symbol, whereas unsaved people dream of their natural jobs, business situations and personal motivations in life.
Principal in this scenario speaks of the pastor of a ministry.
Teachers In this scenario speaks of spiritual leaders in a ministry.
Children In this scenario speaks of the members of the ministry.


I am going to interpret this dream in a spiritual sense, the way I see it.
This dream in my opinion speaks of a ministry where the pastor (principal) and the spiritual leaders (teachers) in his ministry all are in the spiritual school of the Holy Spirit. The (children) are the members in the ministry that were supposed to be equipped. Unfortunately, the opposite was happening. The ministry was in a total chaotic state. There was no order and no discipline. The pastor and his leaders were not leading by example. They lowered their standards and were not living out their callings. In this dream, the leaders and the members all were displaying a very casual attitude (joking and playing), not serious about what they were supposed to be doing. (Teaching and learning – equipping). The members were not being equipped.

Because the spiritual leaders did not look after their ministry and live as they should have and because they neglected their calling, damage was done to their ministries (smashing vehicles). Some people even lost their personal ministries. (Losing cars)

This dream shows us what can happen when pastors and spiritual leaders don’t take their spiritual callings seriously and live it out and don’t lead by example.