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Hey everyone! i have another dream interpretation i could really use your help with. i had this dream where there was this guy in my house, I could see what he looked like, and I am pretty sure I was cleaning or about to go grocery shopping, my mom was telling me about the guy to help him or something, all I know is that the guy was in my house. maybe later on I was helping him with laundry or something about to go grocery shopping. i don’t know where he went after. I feel like maybe this is Gods way of telling me to be prepared for my future husband or something, I can be wrong… if I am please advice me. my friends saying that this could be a nightmare because God doesn’t give dreams that are disoriented or all over the place. Gods dreams are usually clear, I don’t really remember the dream too perfectly or all in correct order to be honest, but at the same time I do believe this could be from God… id love your advice on what this dream could mean. maye the lord is telling me to work on cleaning my soul feeding my soul before he sends the right person. like I said if I am wrong, let me know!