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Hi Stephany! Let’s look at the symbols

Radio (Being tuned in) A radio being tuned in speaks of a person who is starting to or about to be more committed to hearing from God. God is, in fact, finetuning him in terms of receiving Godly revelations and understanding spiritual matters more clearly.

Music in dreams is a symbol of joy, praise, and worship. It is all about expressing our joy in the Lord through thankfulness, praise, and worship. Music speaks of the need for us to bow down before God in submission and thankfulness. It speaks of giving God the honor for all the good He has done in our lives. In a natural sense, music speaks of joy because of some incident that made us very happy or will make us happy when it happens.

Shop or store God has “shops” in heaven. These different shops in heaven which are all selling different spiritual food or spiritual equipment, are always open. We have access to these shops whenever we need something. We buy from God with our spiritual currency which is “faith.” God said in the Bible that we must “come” and “buy” from Him (Isaiah 55:1 and Revelation 3:18). We do that with faith.

In dreams and visions, the number three symbolizes harmony and one accord. It is the number of the Godhead. It speaks of completeness and the perfect testimony.

Sizes in dreams and visions: Sometimes a symbol in a dream or vision seems to be excessively big or small. A huge positive symbol (like the tuner radio) speaks of a great or huge spiritual blessing or a huge positive aspect with great and good spiritual results or consequences. So in this case God is confirming that this person, through his actions and obedience and willingness or commitment by seeking God’s face, has dramatically increased his ability to hear God, and to receive revelations from God.

This dream symbolized you hearing more clearly from God. You are tuning in to the revelations of God more successfully (finetuning)