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Good Day Chris,
This is a beautiful dream because it truly shows us how IMPORTANT the Holy Spirit is to the ministry. I have differentiated between the 4 primary elements and their secondary elements; the interpretation and finally a word of advice.

Primary Element:
Waterfall: Ministry
Secondary Element:
Huge & Enormous: There’s abundant provision
High & Wide: There’s abundant provision
Tons of water flowing: An overflow of provision
Mist: The Spirit of God is in the midst of it all
Dam/river: Financial resources

Primary Element: Dreamer
Secondary Elements:
Flying/floating high above dam: Victorious & faith is what achieves it
Swinging on steel type cables: The flowing of peace on Biblical based doctrines that give spiritual capability to conquer the enemy
Landed on other side in shallow waters: Prophecy fulfilment – less financial provision
Worship: with someone when it is time

Primary Element:
Steel-type cable
Secondary Elements:
Lubricated with diesel: Holy Spirit is what is keeping the unity together
Huge circles: Unity is strong
Greased, cannot rust or break: Holy Spirit keeps the Spirit man away from man-made doctrines

Primary Element:
Shallow waters
Secondary Elements:
Warm: Less provision that expected
Take samples: Become aware of
Bugs and germs: Spiritual impurities and sin that is stopping provision

Depending on what you have been pondering on lately the following is what I felt led to interpret:

This seems to be speaking about two paths a ministry can have depending on which doctrine it chooses to follow.

Biblical Doctrine: You are in a ministry/church that has an abundant & overflowing of financial provision because it is filled with the Spirit of God, Spirit of God in the midst of the church/ministry. One will continue to be victorious because faith helps achieve this, one will flow in peace because you follow Biblical doctrines and not man-made doctrines, this helps you conquer the enemy. The Holy Spirit is what is keeping the ministry and provision in unity – the unity is very strong and the Holy Spirit keeps the spirit of man away from man-made doctrines.

Man-made doctrines: The prophecy of following man-made doctrines will be fulfilled by seeing that on the other side of the provision there will be less financial provision that expected, one will become aware of spiritual impurities and sin that is stopping provision, church/ministry when being made aware of this will worship when it is time.

Continue to follow Biblical Doctrines and do not stray into man-made doctrines; continue in God’s word strengthening you and the church/ministry ensuring that the Spirit of God is present and keeping unity between the church/ministry and financial provision.