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Hi Gina,
What an interesting dream – sometimes it’s hard to interpret when the details are about the end times but I have interpreted as I felt led to and hope it helps/gives you direction.

Primary element:
House: church, business, new season.
Secondary elements:
with Russell: with trust, spiritual security & substance.
didn’t recognize the place: new season.
people all over inside and outside: not alone.

Primary element:
Dark Outside: negative atmosphere or perspective, evil, unbelief, separation from God.
Secondary elements:
of people waiting in line (to get a piece of pie): patience, waiting on the Lord continually praying and seeking Him, preparation time, awaiting God’s time, spending time with God.
I waited and finally got the last piece: a piece of something is offered, something you desire, something from the heart.
I waited (and finally got the last piece): patience brought you the desire of your heart.
2 Moons (one above the other behind trees): comfort & joy of the Holy Spirit OR demonic activities, reflection of the sun OR GOOD VS EVIL, RIGHT VS WRONG. Trees: of knowledge of good and evil, refuge, Jesus the tree of life.
Rapture (thought): snatching up of believers at the Lord’s return, preparation for the end times.
Sun (shine brightly through between two moons): JESUS – around which the earth and other planets revolve, moons are trying to shadow or hide the truth of JESUS, behind it.
Gina (praying & trying to feel if the Holy Spirit had left): pray and seek Jesus who is full of love.

Primary element:
Pig (huge and grey, right side, behind trees).
Secondary elements:
Huge fire behind it in a field: backsliding Christian, legalistic living, sin = behind it is cleansing and purification, trial, persecution in one’s future. Grey: reasoning and wrestling with God, brings confusion.
Right: oppression or an attack.

You are perhaps in a new season or will be going through a new season in your life where trusting God and putting your spiritual security & substance in Him is of the utmost importance, it is not only you going through this new season but so are others. The dream is played out in the dark which means it could be a time where things are negative and perhaps you feel separated from God in this season. You and others are waiting on the Lord, continually praying and seeking Him in this season of preparation for the desires of your heart. In your waiting you will receive these desires of your heart.

The Holy Spirit brings you comfort & joy and He reflects Jesus – God’s glory shines through Jesus, you know that He is the One who we are preparing for in the end times. You must continually pray and seek Jesus for He is love and He loves you very much.

Don’t allow reasoning and wrestling with God bring confusion leading you to be oppressed because it can lead you into a path of backsliding; backsliding will bring forth cleansing, purification, trials and persecution in one’s future (life).

Very interesting dream, what stood out for me is the Holy Spirit and how He is the one who keeps us on the right path, be careful not to backslide from God in seasons of change. Continually seek Him, trusting Him and allowing Him to be your spiritual security and substance.