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Hi Edith

I believe this is a literal dream. I believe you have been seeking employment or maybe you are employed and are just looking for a new job. It speaks of you receiving two job opportunities simultaneously from which to choose from. You are very fortunate but have to be very careful when making this decision.

The job further away which pays $20 000.00 per month is probably overseas or just much further away from you which means you will need to relocate. The salary sounds very attractive but money is not everything. Your motive for choosing this job should not be about the money only. It’s a big decision to make. You could end up being totally unhappy in spite of the fact that you are making big money.

The second job is closer to where you currently live. You never mentioned the salary but even if it is much less you could end up being happy there.

You will have to make a decision as to which job will be the best for you. Spend a lot of time in prayer and ask God for wisdom in order to make the correct decision. This decision is of the uttermost importance. It could either be a blessing or a curse in your life. This is a warning to choose wisely.

Be blessed.