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COLOUR GREEN: Is a symbol of prosperity, growth and life. It speaks of safety and peace of mind. Green symbolizes the peace of God. The peace of God symbolizes nothing but spiritual (soul and spirit), physical (health) and material (financial) blessings. The colour green therefore speaks of a prosperous financial situation and other spiritual blessings. To say “it is well with my soul” can only be true when you have salvation, enjoy financial prosperity and when you are healthy. Real peace (peace of mind): nothing broken, nothing lacking and nothing missing.

This dream is an awesome dream. It is a direct message from God. He is exhorting us by assuring us that He is in control of our lives. The colour green surrounding us speaks of great financial blessings that are on the way to us .We can expect to be abundantly blessed by Him spiritually, physically and financially and therefore we will be able to say “It is well with my soul.” We can rest in Him and have total peace knowing that He will provide what we have been praying and trusting Him for.