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Hi Adri

Firstly let us look at the meanings of the symbols in your friend’s dream:

EATING: is a symbol for meditating and digesting the Word of God. We become one with God when we eat the bread of communion (we symbolically eat the bread (body of Christ) but in reality, it is exactly what happens in the spirit realm. We become one body in Christ (the church or body of Christ).

In another sense, when we dream of people eating and drinking it speaks of brotherly fellowship. It speaks of people listening to and adhering to the Word of God together as a group. It speaks of people enjoying Christ Jesus and the words that He brought to us from the Father.

GOLDEN: The colour gold in dreams and visions symbolizes holiness and purified faith or steadfast faith. Raw gold only reaches its true precious metal status or characteristics when it is purified. Gold therefore, symbolizes the character of God.

PATTIES (MEAT): In dreams and visions meat symbolizes the solid Word of God (for strong, mature Christians.)

FOOD: In dreams and visions symbolizes our spiritual food. Whatever we eat, in a dream, always speaks of what we place (as symbolized in the dream) in our spiritual mouths to eat. The spiritual food that we eat is digested by our spiritual digestive system.

Food also symbolizes the spiritual teaching of the Word of God. A teacher (5 fold ministry) often dreams about food and preparing food for people. They often dream they are busy in a kitchen, or a restaurant or food-truck (itinerant ministry) preparing food.

SELLING: In Rev. 3 vs 18 it refers to God advising us to buy from Him refined gold.

“I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire …………..”.”


The trigger for your friend’s dream is him being with “smelters” at a refinery.

In my opinion, this dream speaks of your friend together with a teacher (5 fold ministry), busy preparing spiritual food, (teachings on holiness and purified faith to give to people, mature Christians who are ready for the solid, Word of God. “Pure golden patties” speaks of this solid Word of God. These mature Christians are now ready to receive these specific teachings and they enjoyed it because that is what they needed to hear in order to be able to live a life of holiness and steadfast faith. By listening to these teachings and digesting it spiritually and then putting it into action, these people will eventually experience holiness and steadfast, purified faith in their lives. They will then have the character of God.