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Hi Daniel!

Hope you good😊
What an interesting dream your friend had – it was a bit tricky but I do feel that these are warnings from God and your friend must listen otherwise there will be unfortunately bad consequences. Hope this helps!

Primary Element: Dreamer

Secondary Elements:
Rocky nature scene: Seeking freedom and peace in a “rocky” place.
Fleeing from tiger (not confronting): Fearing, running away from the enemy/religious spirit.
Tiger wanted to kill you: The enemy/ religious spirit is slandering and speaking against you.
Barely managed to escape teeth & jaws: It will be hard but you will be delivered from the vicious attack of the enemies words.

You are in a “rocky” place/season in your life where you are seeking freedom and peace from the fear of a religious spirit/enemy that has been speaking against you and slandering you. You barely escape, receiving deliverance from the vicious attack of lies, words & judgements of the enemy.

Do not fear for God is with you; stand your ground being rooted in Christ and confront the accuser of the brethren.
PRAY PRAY PRAY! I know how this feels and too have gone through a vicious attack of false accusations etc. Take up the sword of the spirit and destroy every single lie, false word and accusation that will or have come against you!