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Hi Susan, Firstly let us take a look at the meanings of these symbols in the dream.

MONEY: Symbolizes the spoken Word of God. The Word of God produces faith (faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
SILVER COINS: Symbolizes the Spoken Word of God that produces repentance and deliverance.
SOMEONE: In this case I believe it was a pastor or spiritual leader.


In my opinion, this dream speaks of a person (pastor or spiritual leader in my opinion) ministering the spoken Word of God to you on many occasions. You knew that if you continued listening to the spoken Word of God, something was going to happen in your life. You were hungry for the Word and “took it all.” It started producing faith in your heart as you heard the Word and made it yours. The result of you hearing and receiving this Spoken Word of God was that you repented and you were delivered.

What a wonderful dream. Praise God.