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HI Stephany,

Firstly, let’s take a look at the meaning of the symbols in your friend’s dream:

AIRCRAFT When you dream of aircraft you are dealing with the spiritual aspects of a spiritual ministry. This ministry is on a higher level than normal. It is not about your own efforts. This is all about a supernatural ability and can also be a part of a bigger group of people. Aircraft in dreams and visions suggest that people have been made able to lift off from the earth (worldly ways and systems) and are now operating and functioning on a higher level. It is all about your God-given ability, through the work of the Holy Spirit, to function on a higher level. When you dream of aircraft, it is usually a revelation about the spiritual aspects of your ministry. It is not about the physical or natural aspects of your ministry. This is the impact you have or should have on and in the spiritual realm. It is all about dealing with the spiritual with the power of God or with the ability God has given you.
HUGE positive symbol speaks of a great or huge spiritual blessing/ or a huge positive aspect with great and good spiritual results or consequences.
EMERGENCY LANDING Urgently putting a stop to the ministry
BLACK Symbolizes unbelief or depression or fear or evil or separation from God. Black also symbolizes evil or demonic activities.
DESERT Speaks of desolation, solitude and / or temptation. It speaks of the absence of Godliness or real spiritual substance, completeness and blessings. It speaks of the absence of relationship and because of both of these aspects, it speaks of vulnerability to temptation.
RED VEHICLE Speaks of a person who is facing conflict. In another sense, it speaks of a person who has his power drained and tested because of conflict.
VEHICLE PARKED IN GARAGE Speaks of a particular ministry not being active or paused for a season. Our garages should be empty which is a symbol of an active ministry.
FUEL Symbolizes the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in ministry. It symbolizes that a person has the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his ministry. A lack of fuel speaks of the absence of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
SEA Symbolizes the multitudes of people and the nations of the World. It also symbolizes the spirit of the world and the treasures of the world. The sea differs from fresh water in the sense that it is always moving and impure. In this sense, it symbolizes the unsaved multitudes of the earth who are always moving and never resting or at peace or unholy. It is the opposite of the sea of glass at the throne of God. The world cannot provide rest and peace and stability in the lives of people.
VEHICLES Symbolizes ministries, motivation (life’s journey), natural jobs, business situations, movements and projects in life. In this sense, vehicles are used so that we can progress in life, move forward on the roads of life.
SAND Is a symbol of the frailty of human flesh. It speaks of the weakness of mankind. It also speaks of the fleshly nature of mankind. God changed all that when we were born of the Holy Spirit through Christ. However, we still need to crucify the flesh through obedience and through the pursuit of holiness. In another sense, sand speaks of the multitude of people as we have seen with Abraham when God referred to his descendants.


In my opinion this dream speaks of your friend being in ministry and doing well. This ministry operates on a higher level than the normal. This ministry is a huge spiritual blessing and has good and great spiritual results. I believe he might even have been part of a bigger group of ministries.
Unfortunately, evil or demonic activities became present in this ministry. So instead of progressing, moving forward in life with this ministry it had to be stopped immediately and urgently. This ministry ceased just before it could impact the multitudes of people and nations of the world as it was supposed to. The desert situation this ministry found itself in speaks of the weakness and fleshly nature of mankind. Your friend faced conflict situations and because of this his power was drained and tested. His ministry would be paused, inactive for a season. He realized that the inspiration of the Holy Spirit was absent in his ministry and that he had lost his spiritual power.