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Hi Fred, a beautiful dream and an encouraging one because God is basically confirming that the way you are living and continue to live is pleasing to Him, your life is a sacrifice/offering that is pleasing to Him.

Primary Element:

Secondary Elements:
Stepping towards: Step-by-step you are improving, moving forward, gaining spiritual ground.
Half-open Biblical altar: You are half way there.
Fire pan: Your heart, love of good works towards others.
Walking up to the altar: Through your works you are accessing God’s heart.
Meditating on the grace of Jesus: You discover and apply the importance of grace.
God accepted the sacrifice: You submit to God and He is pleased with your life and how you live.
Huge relief: Confirmation that you are on the right track and that God is pleased with you.

You are improving, step by step you are reaching God’s heart, you are halfway there. As you continue to treat others in love and through good works you gain victory and reach higher spiritual ground; this allows you to access God’s heart. As you continue to meditate on God’s grace you will discover the importance of applying His grace. Submitting your life to God and all you do pleases Him, He accepts your love and your good works.

You are on the right path, continue meditating on God’s grace and keeping Your eye on Jesus.