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GOLDEN KEY: Growth, have been feeling like I’m stuck as if something is holding me back but I do not know what it is.

Primary Element:

Secondary Elements:
In bathroom: sin and unrighteousness, deliverance from sin
Four past friends, I confront: past weakness, feelings
Confronted Ilze: confront my pledge of allegiance to past
Sian mom grabs my arm: relying on my own strength and not on God’s grace
Bite the one’s index finger: with faith I speak against the lies and accusation against me
Speaking tongues against past friends: I build myself up through God

Primary Element:
Past Friends

Secondary Elements:
Ilze – bad mouthing me, influencing others, corrupting others: my pledge of allegiance to the past is fueling my weaknesses
Other friends – ignore me: feelings ignored
Speaking in tongues against me (evil): lies and accusations built up against me
Gang up and walk towards me: they intimidate and cause fear in my life
Turn around and walk out: leave, successful in overcoming weaknesses and past feelings

Primary Element:

Secondary Elements:
Dreamer: my life
Past friends: my past weaknesses
Others, they agree that the past friends were evil: the rest of my feelings/thoughts realize and know that these past weaknesses were a problem

I overcome and receive deliverance when I confront my past weaknesses and feelings, by this I also confront my pledge/allegiance with who I am in my past. This pledge/allegiance with my past fuels my weaknesses building up lies and accusations against me, intimidating me and causing me to live in fear. I must not rely on my own strength but on God’s grace, I must walk in faith – speaking against the lies and accusations against me building myself up through God, I will overcome my past weaknesses and feelings.