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Good Afternoon Hayley,

I hope you are doing well. I do think it has a relation between what your grandma said to you, the “Golden Key” to what has led to the trigger of this dream.
Hope it helps!

GOLDEN KEY: Grandma pressuring to find a husband

Primary Elements:
Dreamer (you)

Secondary Elements:
Perform: Actions & outward appearance
Theatre: In the public eye, “act the part”, situation demands you play a role

Primary Element:
Baby (responsibility/obligation given, helpless)

Secondary Elements:
Didn’t Know how to care for: Feeling Helpless
Not your baby: Not your responsibility

You are feeling exposed, as if you are supposed to “act the part”, a situation (pressured to get a husband) demands you to play a role but you feel helpless about it and you don’t want it as an obligation.

Sometimes its hard when someone pressures us or makes us feel like we are obligated to do something but I encourage you to be strong and wait on the Lord; do not feel obligated to do things you don’t want to do or aren’t ready to do. I know you must love your grandma that is why it is hard hence you had the dream; God’s timing and plan for your life is all that counts.