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Hi Gina,

In dreams and visions, animals speak of the attitude and actions of people. Animals reveal the hidden attitudes of people. Horses speak of powerful people and them turning into dogs speaks of aggressive and dangerous people. A black dog symbolizes a person who is unappreciative and blasphemous. Just like dogs, these people rip valuable things to pieces as if it has no value. People like these are very similar to the Pharisees who did not recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God. To them, He was just a man and they did to him what dogs do to valuable precious objects. Wolves are even worse: A wolf in dreams and visions often symbolizes a person with the character or attitude of a Pharisee. These people are false, hypocritical, and evil. They are evil because they can cause a great deal of harm in the church of Christ. They are like wolfs among sheep. Sometimes they hide among the sheep pretending to be a sheep. God sometimes exposes the nature of such a person in churches and congregations in a dream. Light brown speaks of sinful behavior and actions and red speaks of aggressiveness, conflict and hate, and dissent.

I think this dream is a warning about an undesired incident involving people that are as horses and dogs and wolves that will take place soon.

The fact that your husband was there as well and him throwing tennis balls at them speaks of him very intelligently arguing with them with the goal to convince them of the point that he wanted to get across to them. In a natural sense, balls symbolize natural arguments and in such cases, it has nothing to do with spiritual matters at all. A person dreaming that he is involved in a tennis match with somebody like his employer is actually warned to prepare himself for an argument with his employer. He might have to outwit his employer to save a specific situation.

Sometimes an argument bothers a person. In such a case such a person might dream of a tennis ball or a tennis match soon after the argument took place. In such a case, such a dream is an emotional restoration dream.

So this is either a warning of an undesired incident approaching or this incident already happened. If it happened already then this was an emotional restoration dream. The incident bothered your daughter so much that she dreamt about it.