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Hi Gina, yes you are right! I completely forgot about the kites! Well, a kite in dreams and visions represents our interaction with the Holy Spirit (wind). We are working together with the Holy Spirit and we are using the directions and moves of the Holy Spirit (wind) to keep the flight soaring higher and higher into heaven. In the process, our eyes are fixed on “heaven”. A kite is not a real vehicle but primarily used a a toy and therefore for relaxation purposes. The clear blue sky speaks of the blessings and glory of God.

God used this action (the kites, representing your daughter relaxing in the workings of the Spirit of God) and He connected it to the bad incident. So He is basically saying, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright. I have this under control. Just keep your eyes on heaven (God almighty). She also stepped over the hole, not in it.

The incident that you described about the texting is probably what triggered this dream. This incident probably caused some fears and emotions in the heart of your daughter and that bothered her enough to trigger the dream. Anyway, whether it was this or even an incident approaching, she will be OK. God is with her.