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Hi Edith

Firstly, let’s take a look at the symbols in your dream.

Truck: A truck symbolizes a ministry that involves more than the local church (provincial or national).
Vehicles: Vehicles are utilized to move from one place to another place. It is the instruments or equipment that enables us to achieve our purposes in life. It therefore symbolizes ministries, motivation (life’s journey), natural jobs, business situations and special movements and projects in life. In this sense, vehicles are used so that we can progress in life or move forward on the roads of life. Different vehicles are the different instruments that enable us to embark on life’s journeys. These different journeys or roads are spiritual roads or spiritual journeys but also non-spiritual journeys in life. Different vehicles enable us to achieve different results or breakthroughs and it also speaks of people who specialize in certain areas.
Fish: Symbolize lost souls being won for Christ. Fishermen on the sea also symbolize souls being won for Christ.
Dustbins: Usually contain rubbish in that’s ready to be thrown away. In this sense, these dustbins contained lost souls that were on their way to hell.)


In my opinion, this dream speaks of a certain ministry (provincial or national) that were probably evangelizing in a certain city but obviously they were doing it all wrong. Instead of winning the lost souls (the unsaved), for Jesus and for His Kingdom they were doing the opposite. They caused these souls harm and spiritual death and because of this, these souls were straight on their way to hell.

This specific ministry and it’s pastor failed to handle these lost souls with care as Jesus would have and therefore the results were the opposite to what they should have been. They were not living out their calling or their passion. They had failed in their mission to win souls.

This dream is showing you how delicately lost souls must be worked with. If we don’t treat them right and are not equipped to work with the lost we will end up totally destroying them spiritually. We should keep our passion alive and live out our callings at all times so that we can accomplish our purpose in life.

God bless.