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Basie Martins

Hi Hayley, I think Unge did well with her interpretation. She is right about the fact that it is not about God’s will whether you should get married or not. This dream is about you feeling pressured to do something that you did not plan to. Babies are not always about a new ministry or a new job. babies sometimes symbolize a new quest or a new project that an individual or a group of people embark on. In this case, the new project or quest was to find a husband. At first, you accepted the baby (the new quest) but later on in the dream, you felt that it was not your baby. You did not give birth to this baby. This speaks of this quest not coming from you but given to you by others (your grandma). This dream reveals your feeling about the whole incident. It is therefore an emotional restoration dream. The bottom line is that you do not have to search for a husband. You just pray to God and trust God for a good husband when it is time for that.