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It is a bit of a dark time in my life and I am doubting my salvation in God.

You are in a dark place in your life and you feel that there is no hope or grace for you because of the decisions you have made but Jesus comes in this hopelessness and reminds you that there is hope and grace for you – that it is not too late to remember what the cross truly represents for you especially now. He also shows you the way out of this darkness is to repent so He can remove these sins from you and that nothing can then stop you from actively pursuing a relationship with Him. This grace He shows you will amaze you and bring you peace.

No matter what you have done God loves you and HIS GRACE is sufficient for you; don’t allow the enemy to condemn you and keep you in guilt and shame. You are never too far off for God to forgive you and wipe away all your sins.
Repent, change your heart to seek Him more deeply – pursue Him as He pursues you.

God has not only sacrificed His son for others but He did this FOR YOU ASWELL.

1 John 4:10 (AMP)
“In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation [that is, the atoning sacrifice, and the satisfying offering] for our sins [fulfilling God’s requirement for justice against sin and placating His wrath].”

Repentance = those who recognize their sin and actively seek forgiveness.

Matthew 9:13 (AMP)
13 Go and learn what this [Scripture] means: ‘I desire compassion [for those in distress], and not [animal] sacrifice,’ for I did not come to call [to repentance] the [self-proclaimed] righteous [who see no need to change], but sinners [those who recognize their sin and actively seek forgiveness].”

It is important to seek forgiveness (repentance) because our sin keeps us bound legally but when we ask for forgiveness Jesus comes and erases these laws which bind us. Only when we seek forgiveness do we give Jesus the power to do what He already has done on the cross.

*REMEMBER: In Christ there is no condemnation; once you are forgiven you are forgiven!