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Basie Martins

Hi Unge, I have found that anything that represents people, who are not really people, like dolls, animation graphics, people and actions in video games, stuffed toys, etc. that come to life after we touched them or spoke to them, speaks of our ideas in our minds and our expectations about things. It starts in our minds and in the spiritual realm, as expectations and ideas or desires, and later, when we did what needed to be done, became a reality in real life. It is a lot like the ability of God and of Spirit-filled people to call into existence things that did not exist before. It causes things to become real. It speaks of us influencing things in such a way that it becomes a reality. Christians do that because they are like God in whose image they were created. We are also the only human beings that can create by using our mouths. Just like God created everything by just speaking things into existence, so we, because we have the word of God in our hearts and in our mouths, we can speak things into existence in our own lives and circumstances.

I think, in this case, people who were spiritually dead (dolls), became alive in a spiritual sense because of being talked to or being addressed by Adri. So she gave the necessary spiritual input that brought life into the minds and the hearts of spiritually dead people.

In this case, the house is probably Adri’s congregation or church where she has the opportunity and ability to influence other people in a positive way. Or, it represents her heart and her ability to change people whom she allows in her heart. They came from an environment where they did not receive the living word of God but the moment they found themselves in the presence of Adri, they received the true word of God which was able to give them life.

However, I cannot deny the fact that the underlying theme that you identified is most certainly possible. It means that all her memories and desires (the dolls) became a reality when she started to speak to them. So once again your interpretation was really good and outstanding. Well done!