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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge, I am sorry to hear about this. I can relate to the circumstances that you and your family are going through because of this. I have a lot of sympathy for your family and the situation with your brother. I had a brother who was an alcoholic for many years (almost his whole adult life). He passed away many years ago. He also refused to repent and he was so much in bondage, that he just could not get himself out of it. The rest of the family (brothers and sisters) prayed for him for many years and some of us often shared the gospel with him but he just refused to repent.

Anyway, many years after his death my eldest brother told me that a few days before my brother’s death (he died in hospital after his liver bust) he told my eldest brother that something wonderful happened to him and he wanted to share it with him. They agreed to do so as soon as he got a chance to visit him. That never happened because he died shortly after that telephone call.

My brother told me that he suspected that my brother gave his heart to Jesus just before his death. I never knew this. He told me about this just recently. This was wonderful news!

Anyway, this dream that you had might be a warning. A person in a recliner speaks of a person who just wants to relax. They do not want to accept any responsibility and they do not want to do anything. The fact that he acknowledges in the dream that he has a limited time ahead of him before he dies is something that you must capitalize on. Just as my brother refused any help but yet, just before his death gave his heart to Jesus (we strongly believe that this is what happened) so your brother might be getting ready to change and accept God and his ways. In dreams and visions, medicine (which is not food but yet taken by mouth as food), speaks of a special word of God, a special message, that acts as medicine, which brings spiritual healing, just like medicine does in the natural body. This dream is an indication that your brother is ready to accept the medicine of God ( a special word of God).

So you and your family must pray for him like you never did before. Ask God to forgive him all his sins. This way you are interceding for him in this regard. Ask God for a word of knowledge and wisdom to deal with him. You need to give him God’s medicine. It does appear that his time is running out so you and your family must be serious about this.
The next 6 to 8 hours speaks of a very short time but also of the following: In dreams and visions, the number six symbolizes man’s will and willingness. It speaks of man’s willingness to accept God and the will of God in his life.

In dreams and visions, the number eight symbolizes deliverance and redemption and resurrection, and a new beginning.

I think it is your brother’s time to repent or it might be too late if he doesn’t do it now.

I also like what Unge said above. She also picked up that your brother can change with the right input and the right influences in his life right now. Now is the time.

Blessings in Christ