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Hi Jennifer, this explains a lot. This dream does not condemn you. It is not a message from God and He is definitely not upset with you. It does not mean that you will not be married and that you won’t find a good man one day. I agree that you cannot commit to the person that you have described. So based on this, I am now sure that this dream is an emotional restoration dream. This matter bothered you, probably because you have feelings for this guy. It appears that you worry that you might lose him and that is why you had this dream. The dream is just a reflection of your emotions. God gave us this type of dream to reset our emotions but also to make us aware of things that bother us. The reason for this is so that we can submit those things to God and to the word of God.

Trust God and pray for wisdom. I do not say that should leave this guy permanently but you should be careful. You can only commit to a person who is committed to you. Do not fear that you will lose him. Leave this matter at the feet of Jesus and trust Him.