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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

When we understand the meaning of clothes (See the meaning of Apparel or Clothing) then we will understand the meaning of needle, thread, and sewing. We utilize the word of God and we learn the word and ways of God through Bible study and prayer and a close love relationship with Christ. So spiritual food (bread, meat, kitchen, plates) and teachings are also important when we prepare ourselves for ministry (clothes). It is all about our spiritual development.

When something is wrong with our preperation (clothes) it needs to be repaired (needle, thread, and sewing). So when we see these symbols it speaks of repair-work. It speaks of our spiritual preparation not completely according to the will of God or not conforming to the word of God. With food, we see the bad types of spiritual food like ice cream, cake, chocolates, sweets, which indicate that our spiritual doctrines and teachings are not up to standard and according to God’s will and the word of God. These types of food symbolize false doctrines.

The symbols will be accompanied by other symbols in the dream or vision and they will shed more light on the particular circumstances and other factors involved.