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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

You truly have received a special gift from God. The dreams and the visions that you receive from Him are remarkable, and the fact that most of them are about setting other people free, is a very strong indication to me that you will be instrumental in the body of Christ in this area. God is going to touch many people and restore many people and deliver many people through the ministry that He has given you. You have an anointing in this area (dream and vision interpretations) so I am sure that you will manage to learn the language of symbols and you will be able to interpret dreams successfully. Of course, it is not easy and there is a learning process but you will definitely master this. You have the anointing.

Don’t worry about the interpretations now. Just carry on getting yourself up to speed with everything on the website, the community forum, and the courses. Take your time. You will find that it gets easier and easier.