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Basie thank you so much for your help with this. At first nothing was coming to my heart and mind as to what it was about but I’ve really been praying and contemplating. I think this is it.

To refresh, in my death ants dream, my business partner ripped us off for 118,000 dollars. I almost didn’t make it through that. But it was through that that I found the asr martins dream interpretation courses. (God working things together for good)

About 6 months after this dream with the surfer, another person asked me to go into business with them doing the same thing as I had done before, when I had lost everything. I was terrified and I panicked. I refused to put myself in that position again.
My brother is in the same business in the fishing industry and he’s a multi millionaire from it. But he’s a shark and he was happy that I lost everything. Going back into it would put him back into my life in a very competitive, nagative way (he’s the orca).
I finally agreed to do it, after a LOT of praying and seeking God but the fishing season had dwindled and we never got to actually work. We are planning to go for it again in 5 months, for crab season.

Does the fact that the waves were blue not black change anything in the interpretation?

Are we supposed to do it? I’m still scared but I’m trusting God. But I was last time too and I lost everything..