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Can’t recall the trigger but looking back now I can say that this was a dream that showed me how I would be victorious over a really bad situation at work.

Primary Element:

Secondary Elements:
Driving: Living
with Michael: with a highly regarded role
Long road: situation, life’s journey
On left, saw sea: seeing the worldly systems and how they influence people’s lives

Primary Element:

Secondary Elements:
On left: worldly systems, worldly treasures
Cut-off section for photo shoot: self-restraint in one’s identity with goals and standards that are set
Waves didn’t destroy: difficult situations won’t destroy
Coffee tables: fellowshipping and communing with God
Couches: God as my comfort, a place of rest

I’m living with a highly regarded role but a difficult situation in my life has worldly systems that influence’s people but I am not destroyed by this situation because I have self-control in my identity, my goals and standards which are set on fellowshipping with God as my comfort and rest.

I had this dream before a very difficult situation in my life, at that time unfortunately I couldn’t really understand and know how to interpret dreams. Looking now at this interpretation and what I went through that year I see now how God showed me that I was going to face a difficult situation in my life with people who are influenced by the spirit of the world but because I stayed focused on God I had overcome it; it was extremely hard that is why I think the “photo shoot set” was in the midst of the sea but God is good and when we are with Him nothing can destroy us.