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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge, can you tell me the color of the suit? Remember that every little detail that you fail to mention takes away parts of the meaning of the dream. Read about this aspect below:

Please note that it is very important that you record all relevant information and detail about the different symbols in the dream or the vision:

The shape and size of each object. (Only if relevant – Normal sizes need not be recorded, only if something is particularly huge or small).

The color of each object.

The number of different objects.

The direction facing and/or the direction of movement of each object.

The words that were spoken.

The actions performed.

The emotions experienced with each occurrence in the dream or vision.

The place the dream was physically located, the geographical area, background circumstances, the context of the time in history.

Information that you supernaturally knew in the dream and vision needs to be written down exactly as God gave it to you. (The gifts of discernment, knowledge, and wisdom, do sometimes manifest in dreams and visions)

Very important, record whether you pondered on something specific the day before. Did you question a specific situation? Did you counsel a specific person? Were you upset about something? Did you and a friend discuss something that bothered you the day before?

A dream or a vision is almost always an answer to something, or a reply from God, or more information about something that you asked or pondered upon the day before the dream. Sometimes it can be a message or important information about a group of people or for a person, you counseled or thought about the day before.

It is sometimes an answer to prayer. Maybe you prayed for guidance or for deliverance. Maybe you sought God’s face for a specific situation the day before. It is amazing how many people seek God’s face during a particular situation and yet when He answers them they fail to understand that the dream is an answer to their prayer. When dream interpreters do not have information as mentioned above (what you pondered on, questions asked and concerns you had right before the dream) then they are obliged to interpret the dream in a spiritual sense and in a general sense. This leads to dreams being interpreted incorrectly.

The more accurate you record all this information the more successful you will be with the interpretation of the dream or vision. Do not guess if you cannot remember something. If you experienced no emotions in the dream that is OK.

You need to record only and exactly what you did experience in the dream. Remember that each and every symbol and each and every detail in the dream and vision need to be analyzed.

You need to do this systematically in order to bring the total sum of all possible aspects and meanings into the equation. If you do not analyze all symbols and all meanings you might lose vital information and you might end up not interpreting the dream or vision correctly.