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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

This dream symbolizes this man’s deliverance. The fact that he walked out to the right speaks of this deliverance in the future and probably imminent. The fact that he is only in a T-Shirt and underwater speaks of him being stripped of quite a lot of preparation work (See clothes). Even people who prepare themselves for life in a negative way do that with quite a lot of effort and motivation just like us. So he was stripped of a lot, during the deliverance (which is coming).

There is probably a fear in his heart that when he is delivered, he is going to be exposed as a “nobody” that is why he was so small and almost naked (see the meaning of nakedness). The fact that the T-Shirt and underwear are white, speaks of although stripped and naked (being delivered from what the gray suit represents) he will find himself victorious and righteous and he will taste the victory and purity that everybody experiences when they are set free.

The fact that the suit was gray speaks of him feeling that what he did was not entirely wrong (he probably justified his actions and his way of life). Gray is a mixture of white and black (see the meaning of white and the meaning of black and understand that he chose to mix it all up. Gray is wrong in God’s eyes but sometimes not in the eyes of people. It reminds me of this Scripture: So, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth. To God warm or cold is better than lukewarm.

The fact that the suite was so huge probably speaks of this lifestyle and preparation giving this person a lot of power or authority or a high self-esteem.

The fact that he unzipped this suit himself and that he stepped out himself speaks of the possibility that this man will be instrumental in setting himself free. I suspect that if he receives the proper Biblical counseling that he needs, the truth will set him free, almost automatically. So if you ponder on what the different symbols mean that I described above, God will help you to identify exactly what caused him to be in bondage (why the drugs and alcohol), and then the proper counseling will set this man free.