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Basie Martins

Hi Gina,

This was definitely an emotional restoration dream. It was a revelation (presentation) of all the fears that this bad incident caused in your life.

It is very important to understand that although one dream is a message from God and the other a natural method to restore our emotional condition, both can and must be interpreted. Interpretation of all dreams and visions will either reveal a message from God or it will tell us what we are struggling with, in our personal lives.

Both interpretations need to be followed up by actions. God does not communicate unimportant information to us and emotional restoration dreams are designed to help us cope with life. It accurately exposes emotional and problematic issues in your life. We actually need to act upon these issues and that is why we need to give attention to both types of dreams.

Emotional restoration dreams are not just a way of restoring us emotionally but it is also, on purpose, telling us that we need to take action to sort out or to address certain issues in our lives. We need to interpret these types of dreams so that we can identify problem areas in our faith walk with God. After we have identified these problems we need to submit these individual problems to the word of God and to the will of God. We should never ignore any dreams or visions. It is of the utmost importance that we deal with these messages according to God’s word and God’s will.

A canoe speaks of a person’s own personal quest, tenacity, and zeal to achieve something that he feels strongly about. This quest can be negative or positive. The fact that you were led by a black plastic (which was negative)(you realized that it was not God that led you with that deal or a business opportunity) and the fact that you were scared of the sharks (this probably represented the person who caused the bad incident)

In the dream, you felt embarrassed because you started to walk in fear. A lade bartender symbolizes a person who gives people alcohol which speaks of causing people to be under the influence of people rather than the Holy Spirit. You did not say much about this so I suspect that people who counseled you after the incident influenced you in a bad way. You should have been led by the Holy Spirit to deal with this incident and you should have allowed him to restore you. I am taking a shot into the dark here because there is not much information about this. All I know is that people influenced you instead of the Holy Spirit, during or after the incident.

The part of the dead man and the crocodile and people getting away with murder and blaming something or someone else, speaks of the fact that it bothered you that people are getting away without taking responsibility for their actions. People just cover up and hide their crimes. You experienced this part in the dream because it was very difficult for you to deal with the fact that the person harmed you so severely and he just got away with it.

God gave you that song because of this: I was whining and discouraged. I came home from work crying and tired. I had prayed all the way home, “why can’t I be successful or have anything?? Why am I failing at everything and everyone else gets blessed.”

He was wounded for our transgressions and He paid for everybody and everything. Jesus is able to restore us all, no matter what we have experienced. Not only physical healing but even emotional healing is part of the atonement.