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Basie, thank you so much for helping me understand this. I cried while I was reading it. I do have such a hard time with it, especially how he took so much and never even cared what it did to me. He’s a millionaire and he needed my money too, apparently. I still pray for him but it’s difficult still.

I had been praying and seeking God’s direction when I had several opportunities come up. Right before I made the decision to accept this one, I had called my then boyfriend (we broke up in part because of all this) and told him I had had a dream the night before and we were broke and it scared me. I had no idea about dream interpretation! Had I known I would have known what that meant. After the fact, I was delving into how this stuff happens, how God let’s it happen, nearly committed suicide, and came across asr Martins. It literally saved my life! I’ve been deeply trying to listen to God and sometimes it’s hard to understand. But with this website and dream dictionary I’m learning (I wanted to do the school but.. Ya know.. The money that was stolen was all I had.) But I’m learning so much with the resources here and my daughter is also very involved with me (we’ve also had many dreams about babies). We try to interpret our dreams together almost everyday and we try to help other people understand theirs too. There are many of mine that I still don’t know what they mean but I have 2 years of nearly daily dreams written down!

Thank you so much for all you do!