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Basie Martins

Hi Gina,

The part of you being so hungry speaks of your spirit yearning for the word of God. See the meaning of “Stomach” and see the meaning of “Food”.

You probably did not get the word of God at that time or you received the wrong spiritual food so you could not develop spiritually. This was almost like malnutrition.

At this same time, you washed your clothes in the laundry and you washed your dishes. See the meaning of “Clothes” and see the meaning of “Food”. The fact that you washed your clothes and the fact that you washed your dishes speak of you having a great need to be prepared for ministry or for life the right way (clothes) and new food in clean dishes (dishwasher and clean dishes) speaks of a need for the true life-changing word of God (spiritual food). You needed this probably to help you deal with the bad incident that was about to happen.

The water randomly dripping in the house speaks of circumstances slowly starting to creep into your life that had the potential to overwhelm you emotionally. When houses start to flood it speaks of us going through circumstances that are very overwhelming and difficult.

The Capri Sun-like drink speaks of spiritual influences from the Holy Spirit. When we dream of fruit it speaks of the fruit of the Spirit. When the fruit is in juice form it speaks of the water content of the fruit being emphasized which speaks of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (water) (See the meaning of Water). The milky part probably speaks of the basic word of God (See the meaning of Milk).

Medicine speaks of a special word, specifically prepared to heal a sick person. So it is the right words (word of God) at the right time for a person who needs it. Your friend needed the influence of the Holy Spirit and the word of God (milk is spiritual food but the basic stuff). He was too embarrassed to allow the Holy Spirit and the word of God into his life and heart at that time and that caused his mind not to be set free. It is interesting to know that when our minds are not set free and submitted to the word of God then our speech is wrong as symbolized by his “voice and speech” messed up. A renewed mind speaks the word of God.

The last part of the dream symbolizes an incident when disaster struck (events and incidents that completely overwhelmed you). It was life-changing as indicated by all the emergency vehicles that came to the rescue. The dark outside symbolized the negativity and probably the demonic influences that caused the incident.

I just want to mention that in the spiritual realm, our “clothes” do not need to be washed. It stays clean, unless false doctrines and misunderstanding the word and the will of God, and wrong attitudes and actions make it dirty (wrong spiritual preparation or preparation for life). This is when we dream of washing our clothes. The same is true for washing dishes.

It really appears that your spirit, who is always pure and holy and in contact and communion with God and the Holy Spirit, knew that you were not ready for the challenging times ahead. So this dream was a warning to get yourself spiritually prepared so that you can effectively deal with the situation that was coming. I do not know where your friend fitted in but he was seriously in need of the word of God as well (the medicine).