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Basie Martins

Hi Lene,

Preparing food speaks about people preparing spiritual food. The fact that you use a knife to prepare the food speaks of the right way to apply the word of God. In this case, you are not frying or baking the fish but you are getting the raw product ready for cooking at a later stage. This means you are getting the basic doctrines and teachings ready for consumption at a later stage.

Like a sword and a dagger, a knife speaks of the Word of God. See “Sword” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Food in dreams and visions symbolizes our spiritual food. Whatever we eat, in a dream, always speaks of what we place (as symbolized in the dream) in our spiritual mouths to eat. It even goes further than that. The spiritual food that we eat is digested by our spiritual digestive system. In fact, some of the organs making up our digestive system have spiritual meanings. See “Teeth”, see “Stomach”, see “Liver”, etc. This process, called digestion, allows your body to get the nutrients and energy it needs from the food you eat. This fact is also true for our spiritual digestive system. The digestive system consists of that parts of the body that work together to turn food and liquids into the building blocks and fuel that the body needs. This is also true for our spiritual digestive system. Our spiritual digestive system breaks down and absorbs good spiritual food (it separates the word of God from false and bad words that we hear from other people and evil spirits). The main purpose of the spiritual digestive system is to absorb the true and wonderful word of God so that we can grow spiritually.

The different kinds of food that God uses as symbols in dreams and visions range from milk, bread, vegetables, fruit, cake, meat pies, hamburgers, take away food, finger food, restaurant food to fresh meat in a butchery. There is actually no limit to the different kinds of foods in dreams that symbolizes the word of God.

Fish symbolize lost souls being won for Christ. Fishermen on the sea also symbolize souls being won for Christ.

This dream speaks of you preparing spiritual food. The fact that it is fish probably speaks of you preparing spiritual food about evangelism or spiritual food for young people. This is not the basic spiritual food as symbolized by milk. No this is the solid word of God that causes people to develop spiritually. It is meat.

Your husband in the dream is either Jesus Christ who is closely observing and developing you to prepare his word correctly as He wants it (the true word of God), or it is your husband who is involved with you in this and probably helps you.

This could mean that you were called to be a teacher in the body of Christ.

Ezekiel 47 speaks about the rivers of healing waters. The fishes in the river represent people. When we are in the river of God, in his waters, we receive healing. However, the true and solid word of God, like the fish that you prepared, also brings healing. The word of God sets us free and it heals us.