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Basie Martins

Hi Gina,

A motorized bicycle has the same meaning as a small motorbike and a bicycle: Somebody needs to pedal a bicycle to enable it to move. That is why a bicycle in dreams and visions symbolizes a person’s personal or own efforts or zeal regarding his personal ministry, or personal business, or prayer life. The color of the bicycle and the condition of the tires and frame will reveal more detail. With a motorbike, own effort does not play a role because these vehicles are powered by an engine.

In this dream, there is a combination of both vehicles. This indicates that your daughter has a personal ministry or personal business and /or she has a personal prayer life but that it is still small and probably new. She needs to grow and develop in this area. If it is about her prayer life then she needs to pray the word of God. The moment that we attempt to memorize the word of God and his promises, and we pray them, our prayer life becomes powerful and we develop spiritually. If she does that, her prayer life will become like a strong and powerful motorcycle.
Meditation on the word of God and applying the word of God in our lives develop us spiritually.

The fact that it is dark around her speaks of negative and even demonic influences connected to her prayer life or personal ministry. The dream may be about a specific incident or something that she experiences right now. She is struggling a bit but she is moving (a positive thing).

Taking a left turn in dreams and visions symbolizes a bad decision and getting off the bike is also a bad decision. She should not stop. She must keep moving.

It appears that in this incident, 3 people played a role or will play a role that is very negative. These 3 people probably caused your daughter to make the left turn and to stop. One has a bear attitude, one a camel, and the other a legalistic attitude.

A bear symbolizes anger, bitterness, and rage because of a life of defeat or because of negative events and experiences in the past. A person with a bear attitude is bitter about many things in his or her life. They are full of doubt about the future and thus not enthusiastic about things. They usually live in the past harboring thoughts of defeat (sometimes financial defeat). They are very doubtful of the future and always ready to retreat or to give up. The fact that the bear is black adds an attitude of depression and extreme negativity as well as an element of evil influences in his or her life.

A camel has its own water supply which makes it self-sufficient and independent. In this sense, water speaks of financial provision. Thus a camel symbolizes a rich man who is self-sufficient. Rich people do not need God when it comes to material things. Thus they rely on their own ability to provide an income. It is exactly For this reason, that a person with a camel-like attitude fails to enter the kingdom of God.

In a negative sense, policemen and other law enforcement occupations in dreams and visions symbolize legalism in the church. Those are the people who are constantly applying Old Testament truths to the Church of Christ. These people constantly check out people and congregations. They scrutinize their teachings, their behavior, and the way they live out their faith. They teach false things and they influence the church in a negative way. They actually cause the church to be disobedient.

This guy’s clothes exposed him. A pale green or a grayish-green in dreams and visions speak of a person trusting in finances rather than in God for provision.

(Brown shoes) Shoes symbolize our readiness and willingness to do something. The color brown in dreams and visions, therefore, symbolizes selfish ambitions or fleshly desires or striving or sin. It is the same color as mud. A pig likes to roll around in the mud. It really does not care to get dirty. A person with fleshly desires and ambitions is like a pig. This guy is walking in sin.

The brown belt is the opposite of the Biblical, “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist”. This man girdled himself with evil fleshly sinful lies.

I think your daughter is in a bad spot because of bad influences. The rest of the dream is God showing her the solution. Grandparents in dreams and visions symbolize the proven experience of senior people who gained a lot of wisdom and who knows what is best for us. When we follow their example, we will have daylight (an absence of evil), and cows (financial blessings), and horses (spiritual power). The snow in the dream shows that all these things do not become part of us immediately when we make the right choices. It is immediately ours (in the spiritual realm) but as we grow and persist and when we do not give up, all his blessings will become part of our lives as we continue to trust him and continue to be faithful and continue to persist in rusting him and serving him and following His financial principles as well as spiritual principles.